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Just fooling around, viewing different dehydrators by different manufacturers for fun, just to reassure myself after all these years (8 or 9, I’d say) that my Excalibur  dehydrator was and continues to be the right choice, the onliest choice for me, I found this interesting gizmo.

If you don’t have electricity, or if you live in a warm, dry place, the FoodPANtrie [sic] might be right up your alley. (Me, I live in a city apartment – no place to dry outdoors, no space to deal with this indoors). I’ve seen instructions for “build-your-own” dehydrators before, but this one is very uniquely creative. In addition, you can read the instructions and find out some interesting things that people do to the food when they are dehydrating. Do check it out, if only to see what ingenuity can do.


WANT CRACKERS: No dehydrator

If you really want crackers, but cannot finesse a dehydrator at this time (i.e., you really really want the Excalibur and are not willing to settle for anything else, and are saving as hard as you possibly can, even foregoing Thai coconuts and avocados!), there is a *semi-raw* way to go.

Your stove’s lowest heat is 200 degrees (in the US — if you are not in the US, then just look at your stove and the lowest number on the oven control will be the same amount of heat– this is not rocket science). Set the oven at the lowest heat, and prepare your cracker dough.  Line a cookie sheet with cooking parchment, and then spread your cracker dough out to the edges.  Put the cookie sheet in the oven and turn off the oven.  Wait about 1/2 hour then turn on the oven again.  Wait about 20 minutes, then turn it off.  Keep going like that until your crackers are dry on the top, then take them out, remove the parchment laden with semi-cooked crackers, put a new sheet of parchment on the cookie sheet, flip the crackers onto the lined cookie tin, then peel off the parchment.

Continue turning the oven off and on until the crackers are crispy.  (You will need a day off when you are cleaning the kitchen, so you can keep turning the oven off and on)

Conversely, if you don’t care so much about raw, but just want some healthy crackers, set the oven at 200 degrees (or your lowest temperature, and bake the crackers. (you might want to flip them midway)

Maybe you just want to go ahead and get the Excalibur with the timer! I love mine (I went two months eating the cheapest food I could buy just so I could get it sooner).


I did not have much in the way of fresh food (like NONE) in the house tonight, owing to the fact that, until Thursday, I expected to be on the Master Cleanse for another 3 – 4 weeks.

Still, I was responsible for making a dinner that my SAD diet room-mate would gladly eat. Hmn… Creativity needed>
I do have a number of bags full of vegetables I have dehydrated over the winter, and some leftovers from the summer, so…..

  • I dug out my last little bit of wakame (about 1/2 C) and soaked it.
  • I soaked about 1/2 handful of dehydrated turnip.
  • I ground up about a handful of dehydrated red bell pepper slices.
  • I finely chopped 1/2 onion.
  • I also soaked @ 1/2 C of dehydrated parsnips.
  • I combined the wakame with the turnip and the bell pepper powder, and added some garlic powder, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar.
  • To the parsnips, I added some olive oil and a little black pepper.

That was dinner. I found the wakame salad very filling and satisfying (such an interesting word – you know when you eat something and you *feel* like it is what you needed)
The parsnips were good… like rice…

I am going to take the leftovers to work tomorrow for lunch.

I LIED: There are more vegetables in my refrigerator

A post or two ago, I said that I had taken care of all the vegetables. It wasn’t exactly true. I went through the refrigerator and found a ton of carrots, or maybe 10 lbs., lying around doing nothing. Then I found a pile of turnips and another pile of beets. Where did they come from? Who knows. They were still working, still alive, so….oh! and then there were the turnips. I completely forgot about the apples from my last CSA share! I had almost forgotten about them…. anyway, the beets, carrots, and turnips are done, and the apples are in the dehydrator. I still have to do the parsnips I got last Thursday — that will be tomorrow.

The fun thing, for me right now at this time in my life, so to speak, is that I am able to do all this work, hanging out with these vegetables that I happen to love, while I am doing my Master Cleanse.

Actually, to tell the truth, I was feeling hungry this afternoon. I was marking a bunch of ESL student essays, and my stomach started complaining (now I know it was desperation). I decided to take a break and do the apples, and… voila! Hunger gone!!!! Yes, of course, they smelled good, but I just was not hungry. Cool!!!!

I found some organic lemons at Whole Foods for $4.99 for a bag of 12. I thought it was a great deal, until I started to measure out the juice and realized that I was getting more juice out of the lemons at the local market where the lemons were 4 for $2.00. I did not really save any money and I have to work harder. C’est la vie.

For some reason, this time, I am noticing how much Master Cleanse costs (it could be that I don’t get paid until Thursday). Lemons do not seem as cheap as they were before. I am going on my second jug of maple syrup. Perhaps it is just that I am noticing. Maybe it has always been this way.

All items for the Master Cleanse


I’m kind of slow on the uptake sometimes..

With all the carrots I got in my first Winter CSA share, I have been making carrot juice, and I decided to dehydrate the pulp for later use.  

Surprise!!!! The dehydrated pulp is a sweet snack all by itself.  

I can, of course, include it in other recipes, but….. what a yummy thing to grab a handful of from time to time!!!!! 

WHEAT GRASS” reasonable system for apartments

Every credible raw food source says we should drink wheat grass juice. Then they tell you to get 3-foot sized trays and dirt, and have a place to set your “farm” in the sun. This knocks out anyone living in an apartment, as I do… In New York City, in a shared (affordable) apartment, it is simply not possible to set up a dirt farm… we use every space for our lifestyle, and that just means room for the TV (figuring out where to put the dehydrator, the food processor, the juicer, and the Saladacco required re-thinking of space)

Tonight I have just learned that my biggest heart-throb, “SproutMan”, has come up with some space-savvy wheatgrass growing systems, and I have fallen deeper in love with this man.
Take a look at:
Sproutman’s Soil-Free Wheatgrass Grower

(As soon as I can figure out a place where I can accomodate this tiny system, I am there!!! What is exciting is that I can probably do that within the next month… what is challenging is that I will then have to get a wheat grass juicer and figure out where to put that… oh well.. I’ll worry about that when the wheatgrass growing system is becoming a reality). I may just dehydrate my wheatgrass and make my own superfood supplement!