WOW! WHAT’S THAT SMELL? Joys of fermentation

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I just started my two sauerkraut batches last night, but when I came home tonight, there was a funny smell … heck! I know I cleaned the kitchen last night, and I know I threw out the trash this morning…… 

When I checked the sauerkraut, I found where the smell was coming from!  Aha! That kimchi juice is working its magic!  (Will the sauerkraut made with the kimchi juice have a kimchi essence to it? I’ll know on Tuesday night, when I open it.

The happy note is that both jars are working hard – the bowls they are sitting in were almost full of expelled water!  That is always the first and best sign that things are going according to plan (I am suddenly curious as to whether this is the sauerkraut juice people speak of.. If you know, please tell me)



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Yesterday morning, I had plans to go out with a friend to see the Union Square Holiday Bazaar at 10am. I got up at 5am, did some more cleaning of the kitchen, and then I went to get ready to go out. When I picked up my phone, which was recharging, I found a message which seemed contrived, so I called her. Her excuse was even more contrived, so I figured out that she did not want to go but felt she needed a big excuse (sorry – her excuse was not so big – I’ve been through that, and I know it takes only about 20 mins).
Then, I decided to make some cranberry juice. I hauled out my Champion and proceeded to juice 3C of cranberries (it only gives you about 3/4 C of cranberry juice). One sip of the cranberry juice was too tart, so I added half-again of apple cider, and got a drinkable potion.
Faced with the the pulp from the cranberries, which was still rather juicy, I decided to see if I could make cranberry sauce. I had another orange, so I threw everything into my Cuisinart, along with a couple of tablespoons of ginger powder, @ a tablespoon of palm sugar, and about a tablespoon of cinnamon. I also added 1/4 C water mixed with 1 cap of New Chapter All Flora probiotics.
I packed as much as I could of the cranberry mix into a 1 qt jar, capped it, and set it in line with all my other ferments. Then I was stuck with about a cup of cranberry sauce left over — I gave some to my room-mate (she liked it), and I ate the rest.
I’m fermenting that jar for 3 or 4 days, so I’ll let you know with the report on everything else on the shelf.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday… we’ll see… maybe Monday?

YOU CAN’T GET THAT HERE (at least not on every street corner, for sure)

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Living in New York City is very exciting, for sure! If you come here as a tourist, you can find all sorts of things that they don’t have back home, I’m sure (although, I’m sure, if you’re looking to dis us, you’ll find a lot of the same stores you have back home, too).

What we don’t have here is things that you take for granted. This evening, I went out to get some pickling spice, only to find that two local supermarkets don’t carry such a thing, although they have all sorts of exotic Spanish and Arabic spices. Neither could I find dill seed. (I’m going to leave home 2 hours early so I can go to the one supermarket that I think might carry pickling spice, and dill seed, and I am also going to carry a recipe for pickling spice, just in case even they do not have pickling spice. These green beans will not last forever while I search the world for pickling spice so I can make the recipe I want to try. Just in case, I have an alternate recipe that I have invented in my head, which should turn out okay – hope hope)