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IT IS TOO HOT TO EAT! Yes, I have to ingest nutrients

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Here in NYC, it has just been too hot to eat.  I guess this is where smoothies and green drinks come in.  Actually, I have been eating some of the sauerkraut that came ready last week, although I haven’t gotten around to opening that jar of fermented turnips yet.  My main nutrients have come from blending up the peaches from the CSA for a breakfast smoothie, and eating sliced cucumbers with onions, tomatoes, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar. (I used to love those big dishes full of cucumbers that my grandmother put on the table at summer dinners — I’ve just checked with my mom, and she says that all Grandmomma used to do is put the sliced cucumbers and salt and apple cider vinegar in a bowl, and mix it all up and chill it, but Mom says she prefers to mix water into the vinegar so it isn’t so strong).  I guess I’ve gone on and fancied up that famous dish in my memory.

I think I’ll mix cucumbers into sauerkraut tomorrow. We’ll see if that sounds right after I drag in from the heat. If it works, I’ll tell you how I did it.

Meanwhile, with the heat, and the not chowing down, I’ve taken off some pounds, and it looks like I might be able to get into those peach silk pants I bought at Salvation Army last year, figuring I would get back to my fighting weight some day soon.




I could make pickles, think of some other recipes, or slice cucumbers into a mixed green salad, but, in the summertime, I cannot think of a cucumber dish I like more than the traditional Southern summer dish of thinly sliced cucumbers and onions mixed together with black pepper and marinated in apple cider vinegar in the refrigerator until time to serve!

GREEN SMOOTHIES! yes, I am doing them!

Close your eyes!  Cover your ears!



1-hand-sized radiccio
1-red Cippolino onion
1 clove fresh garlic
1 cucumber
3 small celery stalks
5 tomatoes1/2 T spirulina

I find I enjoy the salad tasting smoothies better than smoothies with fruit, i.e., I am happier with green smoothies that garlic and onions than with ones that have fruit.

I am satisfied to have my fruit plain in a smoothie.

7/17/08 SHARE: Where will it all go???

They said I would get the items listed. The ones I got are colored.

CARROTS | Qty: 1 bunch
apparently, in the end, boxes had either carrots or golden beets.
BEETS | Qty: 1 bunch

I got two bunches of beets: golden and regular, both with nice greens
CABBAGE | Qty: 1 head

this is a cute little head, about 5 inches in diameter.
BASIL | Qty: 1 bunch
GARLIC | Qty: 2 heads
ZUCCHINI — I got about 5 zucchini
CUCUMBERS — I got about 4 small but healthy looking cucumbers

HAPPY NOTE: I found where they were craftily hiding the discard/exchange bin, and, rummaging through it, I scored 2 bunches of carrots, 2 heads of garlic, 1 cabbage, and 1 bunch of basil, a radicchio, and another bunch of onions.


I got a big bag of peaches and a pint of blueberries!

Where is all this going? Duh! the refrigerator!!! Seriously… i have recipes! Do I ever have recipes! I am prepared. Stay tuned for my next post, wherein I will divulge all!!!!

What I got this week:

RED BEETS…………………………..1 bunch
DILL……………………………………..1 bunch
ZUCCHINI.………………………….5 pieces
PARSLEY…………………….1 bunch
SWISS CHARD.……………..1 bunch
BLUEBERRIES………………..8 oz.
SPBERRIES………………..8 oz.

I loved the round zucchini I got last week!  Of course, I spiralize any zucchini in sight — the round one was easier because I did not have to cut it into pieces, and I did not lose as much as I would with a long zucchini. Plus, it’s just cute.

The raspberries will go into a smoothie, probably tomorrow morning.

Blueberries are so curious — they gel up right away — I may make a dessert with them for my roommate.??? Blueberry pie???? Probably not… maybe just gelled up blueberries, as a “pudding”.

The beets had lovely greens – I will probably make up some massaged greens tomorrow night, for my weekend lunches.  I’ll juice these beets, just because I still have some left from last week, so I have plenty for my famous ground beet salad.

lettuce lettuce and more lettuce… and chard.  My room-mate has come up with a salad dressing that wilts anything in sight — I must study that and learn to make something that works like that.

Yum!!! Cucumbers!  I will need to score some tomatoes, to make my easy cucumber tomato salad — thinly sliced, sprinkle with pepper, soak in apple cider vinegar — just like Grandmom used to make.

This parsley doesn’t look like parsley to me — it has big leaves. I ate one as I bagged the bunch, just to find out what it was… tastes like parsley.  I told my room-mate she could use some of it, and she thought it was a leaf for salads — hey!!! it wasn’t half bad as  1/3 of a lettuce mix with tomatoes (I gave her a bag of the lettuce mix I got last week)