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I am very excited that my CSA is starting up this week – the first distribution is on Thursday! Yippee!  I cannot wait!CSA WK 1 veg

This year, I’m really going to work at eating more of the things in the box, even if I think I don’t like them (i.e. I’m going to work at consuming more lettuce and chard, instead of always trading them for something else)


MY CSA JOB: now I am going to coordinate the winter share distribution – cool!

In keeping with my ongoing efforts to channel my energy in ways my CSA can use (I started by showing up early, uninvited, and offering to help unload the truck, until finally they let me do it), I have taken on the job of coordinating the CSA winter distribution. I am taking this seriously. It is a management position according to my resume (snicker).

What it means is that I have to be there to open, organize, (?supervise? and probably answer people’s questions), and clean up and close down at each scheduled distribution (they are about every three weeks).

Because I am me, I want to do the best-ever job. I am practicing my smile (don’t laugh – it is hard for my face to smile, so I have to think about it, and look in the mirror to see if that is a smile, and I have to make sure I understand the feeling of a smile so that I can do a recognizable smile reliably– car accident a long time ago. I have to focus on it.)  Liz is going to come and tell me what I have to do each time, and then she is going to go away, and I will be on my own.

Of course, the bad part is that, the very first distribution is a day when I have an engagement which has been on the books, bought and paid for, for the past four months – just cannot cancel it — one strike against my perfect record. Fortunately, they have found someone who will be there when I leave and stay through closing for that first day.

So, now, I must do a very good job, because I want another job. I want to coordinate the recipe section of the CSA blog.  I really want that job. I want to motivate people to contribute their recipes. I want to contribute my recipes. I want to make a cookbook for the CSA that will be so good that ultimately it will published nationally. Yeah. Why dream small when I can dream big?  Then if only medium happens, I can still be proud.  Like I said, I want this job big-time. I know I will do it well. (Okay, so I was slow on my blog this summer — I do have good blog experience.) I know how to read a recipe and see if all the parts are there. I know how to clean up a file and standardize recipes, etc.I also have a good bit of self-publishing experience, and I can design a book.

So, first things first. I will prove myself in this first job, and I will become loved and respected as a good worker, and we can move on from there, I hope. (please please please?)