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Once I had my Saladacco in my kitchen, I could not stop until I had spiralized every single spiralizable thing in the kitchen. I had a totally spiralized dinner.

First I spiralized two zucchinis and set them aside.

I made my basic sauce (I have to work on getting it less thick, I think, but, as thick as it is, when I am tired of sauce, it is easy to dehydrate quickly into patties)

1 C almonds, soaked at least 4 hours (or overnight)
@ 1 T extra virgin olive oil
@ 1/2 t Tabasco (or apple cider vinegar)
@ 1 T vegetarian Worcestershire sauce
(yes, I give the recipe, no, not totally raw)
@ 2 C dehydrated tomato “flakes”
(I blended tomatoes then dehydrated them),
soaked in water to cover
Italian seasoning (or oregano) to taste
garlic to taste

  • In a food processor, grind the almonds fine (alternatively, homogenize them in a Champion juicer with the blank plate)
  • Add remaining ingredients, and process until well blended.

I set that aside.

Then I spiralized a beet, a turnip, a carrot, and a small daikon
(about 6 inches long)
I tapenaded three big red lettuce leaves (roll up leaves to a
fat cigar shape, then finely slice, then chop through the rounds
once or twice)
I combined the spiralized root vegetables and the lettuce shreds,
and added some olive oil, Spike, finely minced garlic, and
apple cider vinegar…

I put the spiralized zucchini on the plates and topped it with about 3 T of the sauce.
Then I filled up the rest of the space on the plate with the salad.

Now I have to get some more spiralizable vegetables. MUST SPIRALIZE. AM VERY HAPPY.

11/15/07 CSA SHARE: What I got

Wow! I got everything they promised! 

Carrots……………1 bunch
Red Beets…………1 bunch
Toscano Kale……..1 bunch
Green Cabbage…..1 head
Loma Lettuce…….2 heads
Guy Lon…………..1 bunch
Cauliflower……….1 bunch

I thought the Guy Lon was spinach, honestly.  The loma lettuce looks a lot like most of the other lettuce I’ve gotten during the season…light colored loose light-green leaves that tend to fall off if you look at them funny.

The share is so much smaller than the shares were earlier in the season… I had to get creative to make the box look full this time, where before, I had to be creative to get everything into the box!  There are only two more weeks left before I have to start grocery shopping on my own for vegetables. The end of cheap eats is nigh!!! I think I will make myself go to the farmer’s market once a week.