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What to do with them??? I keep getting potatoes my CSA box, and I am still clueless as to what to do with them – I usually give them to Mrs. Murphy, next door. I instinctively want to believe that potatoes are part of God’s bounty, and, so, I keep trying to find a way to use them.

I recently saw a comment on one of the big sites (sorry! I don’t recall which one), where they said that dehydrated potato would taste like roasted potatoes, but they did not give any recipes.

My friend, Jim Carey, sent me a long story about how potatoes are a genetic thing, and, if you come from a potato-eating tribe, potatoes are good for you, etc. and so forth, and yada yada yada.

I will go there, no problem. Okay, so how do you prepare potatoes to eat raw? A long time ago, I saw something somewhere, about preparing potatoes for raw consumption, but I cannot find it now. As a result, I keep experimenting.

One recipe I found, on some guru’s site, suggested grating raw potatoes and soaking them in Bragg’s. Too salty for me (and Jim informs me that Bragg’s is bad – I don’t know about that, but, regardless, it was way too salty for me in that recipe). Anyway, I did not like the taste at all.

Jim Carey says he puts the potatoes together with some concoction from one of the Boutenkos (friends of his) in his VitaMix and makes a soup which he finds very satisfying. I simply cannot go there, because I have seen three Boutenkos in person (at a presentation in New York City) and they did not look all that healthy to me, so I am not inclined to follow any of the Boutenkos’ suggestions.

I am looking for potato recipes.
If I don’t find any, I will get over it, but, secretly, I really would like to find one or two, if only to share them with the world so other potato fans can enjoy them.

Last night I worked with about 3 lbs of pretty yellow potatoes (they were yellow after I got the skins off). I thinly sliced 4 of them and placed them on the dehydrator screens. I grated up the rest of them in the food processor, and mixed them with a healthy amount of garlic, a little olive oil, some onion, and some herbs. I dropped the resulting potato glop by the tablespoon on teflex sheets to make patties in the dehydrator. I put all the trays in the dehydrator, set it to 105 degrees, and walked away.

When I went back about 4 hours later, the slices were all curly but still too leathery – I was hoping for crunchy.
The patties (my hoped for latkes) had turned black, but were still not in any condition to turn over yet.

I went to sleep.

This morning, I checked and nothing was ready yet, bu I could turn the patties.

When I came home this afternoon, I found crunchy “chips”, and crumbly potato patties… most of them had turned from black to white.

I tasted the chips. They do not taste like roasted potatoes or any other kind of edible potato I have ever eaten. I don’t want to eat them, but I will save them, rehydrate them, and throw them into something else that might help them taste good.

I think that, if I marinate the potato slices for chips in vinegar for an hour, and then coat them in spices and herbs, they might taste good.

The potato patties (made from ground potato) were rather bitter (I had added onion, garlic, and herbs in the vain hope that I could make them tasty). I think I could cure that with the addition of vinegar to the mix. Ketchup makes french fries taste better…. maybe I should mix the potatoes with tomatoes and vinegar before I dehydrate them?

Regardless, in my opinion, whoever said that dehydrated potatoes taste like roasted potatoes had never actually eaten dehydrated potatoes.

I continue to look for raw potato recipes (I mean the kind that actually use potatoes, not the kind that substitute other things for the potatoes.

If you have any raw potato recipes that you like, please let me know.

Meanwhile, I will receive another CSA box this coming Thursday. I expect it will contain potatoes. I will give half to Mrs. Murphy, and experiment with the other half.