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10-11-07 SHARE: What I Got


As usual, my box was a surprise! No surprise there!

Spinach ________________ 3 Tomatoes
Broccoli Qty:____________ 2 heads
Baby Bok Choi Qty:______ 4 pieces
Green Kale Qty:_________ 1 bunch
Red Leaf Lettuce Qty:____ 1 head
Red Batavian Lettuce ____ Qty: 1 head
White Salad Turnips______ Qty: 2 bunches

Red Radishes ___________ NO SUBSTITUTION!!!!
Long Red Peppers _______ Qty: 3 pieces

The kale is pretty, and the turnip greens are nice-looking. The broccoli looks good too. Whatever will I do with all this lettuce? At least it is the nice soft kind. I guess it is going to be another week of salad nights. I wonder if you can dehydrate lettuce? I will probably dehydrate some of the red peppers.

I got some apples and some pears, too. Yum. I think I will juice some and then dehydrate the rest.


10-11-07 SHARE: What They Promised

This is what they promised. 

Spinach                             Qty: 1 bunch
Broccoli                            Qty: 2 heads
Baby Bok Choi                Qty: 4 pieces
Green Kale                      Qty: 1 bunch
Red Leaf Lettuce            Qty: 1 head
Red Batavian Lettuce     Qty: 1 head
White Salad Turnips        Qty: 2 bunches
Red Radishes                  Qty: 1 bunch
Long Red Peppers           Qty: 3 pieces