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WHY DOES DIABETES DISAPPEAR? Why are medical professionals stymied?

I’m just slightly amazed or even disturbed right now as I enjoy the uncommon luxury of watching daytime TV…. Just now, on the Montel Williams show, two surgeons have been discussing gastric bypass surgery and showing morbidly obese people, and film clips of their operations (I imagine we may see the post-surgery people and hear their testimonies).

What so disturbs me is that one of the surgeons has just said that the medical profession has no idea why , in patients with diabetes, after the surgery, in 85% of the cases, the diabetes disappears…..

They have no idea??? How come I know then??

The reason the diabetes disappears is that one of the side-effects of gastric bypass surgery is that patients can tolerate only very small amounts of food, and they cannot tolerate sugars and starches easily. With only a few ounces of food at a time, and without the sugars and starches, and the junk food, of course, the diabetes vanishes. What is so difficult to understand here?

I have often worked with obese diabetic clients who, as they eliminated starches and sugars from their diets, found that their insulin requirements decreased or even ceased. This is one of the major selling points that Atkins used for his low-carb regimen, and it remains right-on!

The Atkins Diet recommends reducing carbohydrates to such a daily low that it is virtually impossible to eat even a slice of bread (which exceeds the daily carb limit for the Induction Phase). Atkins derivatives, such as 40-30-30 and the Zone limit the carbs by requiring that any eating be done in a regimented combination of 40% carbs with 30% protein and 30% fat (it is very hard to eat enough protein to justify the carbs in a Twinkie, and it is boring to go searching for protein just to justify a handful of potato chips).

Although most raw foodists hold that simply adopting a raw food diet will bring about noticeable weight reduction in those who need it, the Atkins system can be followed by raw foodists, as well. Eating low glycemic index vegetables and fruit in the early phases of raw food diet can help satisfy the psychological desire that many beginners have to keep eating.… 2 cups of raw spinach have only 4 grams of carbohydrates!!!!

Eliminating high glycemic fruit and vegetables at the start of a raw food diet can help with other health issues (such as candidiasis, arthritis, candidiasis, hypoglycemia, menopause-related issues, and even cancer), as well and eating raw nuts and seeds can also help to stave off cravings. As a matter of fact, the Atkins diet Induction Phase very closely mirrors the Phase One Candidiasis diet (which is very low-carb), and the vegetable, fruit, nut and seed sections of the Phase One Candidiasis diet very closely conform to raw food recommendations as to suitable diet inclusions (yes, of course, raw foodists are supposed to ignore the animal products listed in the candidiasis diet).

Adoption of a low-carbohydrate diet, low in sugars and starches of any kind, is key to reducing insulin dependency. Added side effects include (but are not limited to) the amazing fact that weight reduction will more than likely follow (although the connection here has the allopathic medical profession puzzled), and healing or amelioration of a number of medical issues (which the medical profession tends to view as unrelated to weight issues, and prefers to treat as independent issues, rather than as symptoms).