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I don’t usually get excited about raw food nutrition books (count the books I have not talked about), but Ani Oken’s new book, ANI’S 15-DAY FAT BLAST is an exception to my rule, primarily because she recognizes everything that I have always held true (basically, if you want to lose weight, you need to amp up the protein, eat low-carb vegeables and fruit, and also include ample fats (of the good kind).

Just yesterday, I received ANI’S 15-DAY FAT BLAST, by Ani Phyo.  I inhaled this book.  Okay, I read what I thought would be interesting, then went back and read the beginning, then went back and read through the end.  What a great book!  I already knew most of these things, but the way in which Ani has put them together, as well as the shopping lists and recipes makes the book a must-have for my purposes.

Interestingly, the beginning of the book reads like one of those obnoxious ads you get from the self-styled gurus of raw (you know who I mean), with the long come on, the emphatic sales talk  (but wait! I already have the book in my hands—I don’t have to read through all this to find the exorbitant price!  Realizing this relaxed me enough to be able to read through the intro and be more receptive to the plan).

My take is that this is sort of like the Master Cleanse, only with food.  The plan starts with a short juice fast (the  yummy looking recipes for smoothies and soups make it look zipless; you’d be hard-pressed to feel deprived at all). After that, you add in more solid food taken from a list of fat-burning, metabolism-boosting vegetables, fruit, and superfoods).  The recipes are all right there, and, according to the book, won’t take but a few minutes to prepare.

Master Cleanse is easier (no thinking about what to prepare; only one recipe), but this plan seems like something you could fall into a pattern with and sustain easily over a protracted period of time – there’s plenty of variety.  I’d even venture to say there are more recipes in Ani’s 15-Day Fat Blast than I would normally use at home in a month.  Actuallly, there are 80 or so recipes in the book, which make it worthwhile even if you just want another of Ani’s wonderful recipe collections.

I’m off to write up my shopping list, so I can start right away!


BREAD: New Recipe: Tomato/Walnut Bread

Tonight, I am making a new tomato bread recipe I found on Daily Raw Cafe (yea! Terilynn is back making new recipes!!

Terilynn says that she developed this recipe from one of my favorite recipes: the  sunflower/flax seed bread, in Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Kitchen recipe book.

I am interested to see how this bread is going to turn out, because I had some issues in the preparation:

  • I mixed all as specified, but, as usual, in making bread (or crackers), it was necessary to add more water in the spreading on the teflex sheets.
  • There was not enough “dough” to make two dehydrator sheets worth of bread, if the bread is going to be as thick as the bread in Ani Phyo’s recipe.  I ended up making one “thicker” tray, and one thinner (may turn out to be crackers) sheet

These are not real problems, actually.  They just open up the opportunity for me to reformulate the recipe to my liking.  Stay tuned!  Tomorrow, I will tell you how this bread turned out (after I make some sandwiches!)