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9/12/12 CSA SHARE: What they say we will get, and what I’m thinking of doing

Spaghetti Squash – 1 pc
Green Beans – 1 lb
Leeks – 1 bun
Broccoli -or- Zucchini – 1 hd/1 pc
Red Beets – 1 bun
Red Tomatoes – 2 lb
Batavian Lettuce – 1 hd

Just about everything I get is going to get fermented

I’ll keep the broccoli out and eat it, or, perhaps, I might trade it, if I get there early enough and something interesting is available in the trade box.  The leeks are going to be fermented –I’ve never really used leeks well, and, so have mostly traded them, but, this time, I’m going to keep them and ferment them.

I may or may not keep the lettuce.  I could use with a salad, but… still… I’m not always interested in salads.  We’ll see what is the trade box.

Just as the CSA changes things, I may change my mind about any and all of the above.  If I get the zucchini,  I might keep it and make spaghetti with the tomatoes, or I might not.  Likewise, if there are tomatoes in the trade box, I might trade the broccoli.

We’ll see, won’t we.


6/28/12 CSA SHARE: What they say we will get

POST #757

This is what they say we will get:

Zucchini – several pcs
Cipollini Onions – 1 bun
Fennel -OR- Kohlrabi – 1 bun
Baby Spinach – 1 bag
Radicchio – 1 hd
Swiss Chard – 1 bun
Toscano Kale – 1 bun
Red Boston Lettuce – 1 hd

I’m looking forward to some zucchini pasta and kale chips.


Tonight’s tomato sauce was goo-ooo-oood!

I made it with 6 tomatoes that were about to go over, 4 big cloves of garlic (from my share), a liberal sprinkling of the organic no-salt seasoning I found at Costco, black pepper, 2 kalamata olives, approximately 1/8 t of agave syrup (I usually use a raisin, but I did not have one), about a T of extra virgin olive oil, a dash of Tabasco, and about 1 T of my vegan Worcestershire sauce.  All went into the food processor, then onto spiralized squash.


06/03/10 CSA SHARE: what we got

We got our first CSA delivery this past Thursday.  It looks like the farmers still lo-o-ove lettuce.  From the looks of our CSA’s trade-box, it looks like many of the CSA members, like me, can’t figure out how to use so much lettuce in one week.  I traded my lettuce and arugula  for turnips (another apparently unpopular vegetable, but one that I like almost as much as I like beets).

Never mind!  For some reason, I could not get the Benriner to make angelhair pasta from a turnip (I don’t know, maybe I was too impatient or something, but it just would not happen), quick like a bunny, I tore some leaves off the green Boston lettuce that I did bring home, and I put my almond “bolognese” sauce (some over-the-hill campari tomatoes, some of my dehydrator sun-dried tomatoes, some garlic, some onion, some Italian herbs, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar run through the food processor) on the lettuce leaves and rolled them around it (cannelloni?) and sliced the turnip and made raviolis with some of the sauce as well.  That was Thursday night.  Later, we had some of the strawberries with a sweet cashew sauce over them.  Last night, I just ate strawberries with that cashew sauce.  I froze the rest of the strawberries (still quite a lot), since they did not seem willing to last another night in the refrigerator.

Okay, tonight, I’m finishing up the almond tomato sauce, and then I’ll start figuring out what to make with the rest of the vegetables for the week.

I’m happy.

Here is what we got:

Red Boston Lettuce I traded it for turnips

Green Boston Lettuce


Baby Arugula I traded it for radishes

French Breakfast Radishes (do the French really eat radishes for breakfast?

Baby Japanese Salad Turnips

Rhubarb (I’m thinking a strawberry-rhubarb smoothie)