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ANNIVERSARY MONTH: It was 10 years ago this month that I knew I had taken off 100 lbs. They are still off!

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Ten years ago, on October 2, my birthday, I realized that my clothes were rather loose.  I ultimately took off @100lbs.

So, now, it has been 10 years that  I have kept the weight off.  I hope you will understand if I reach around and pat myself on the back.  Yeah, I’m proud.  Today, instead of wearing a size 22, I am wearing a size 2.



LIGHT GREEN!!! (or Green Lite? or Green Light?)

If you’re raw, you’re supposed to be GREEN, right?

I just can’t get over this GREEN site, Ideal Bite . Only in New York could this happen!  Green Lite? (you go ahead and play with the combinations)

Seriously, I’ve just been fooling around on this site, looking at what there is, and there is a whole lot — the tips are ab-fab! (Do check out the Sex & Romance tips – yes, they are green!)

This site is definitely one to visit, and benefit from, regardless of how green you want to be, and regardless of where you are physically located (it’s out of New York, but just about everything will apply to anyone anywhere)

Aha! You went directly to the Sex & Romance tips! I thought you might.