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THE RAWTARIAN: a definite go-to recipe resource

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Ooh ooh ooh!  I’ve just finished raiding The Rawtarian’s site  I haven’t been this excited about a recipe site in a long time.
Laura-Jane, the Rawtarian has an extensive, fantastic collection of delicious recipes available to all comers.  What I like most about her recipes is that use ingredients which are fairly easily accessible to most people (i.e. there is no “young Thai coconut”, nor are there expensive nuts, or exotic fruits which may not be available in many localities). 


What I really like about these recipes, aside from everything else I have mentioned, is the helpful comments Laura-Jane includes at the end of each recipe.  

These are accessible, usable, tasty recipes.  Go there. Make that!



I found these nut/seed milk recipes on Chet Day’s website/newsletter

2 C almonds – soaked 12 hours, minimum
4 C pure water
4 – 5 dates
1 t  almond or vanilla flavoring

Drain soaked almonds and place in blender (Vita Mix is
best). Add water, dates, and flavoring.

Blend until nuts are pulverized (about 2 minutes in
standard blender, 1 minute in a Vita Mix). Pour into a
fine mesh bag and “milk the almonds.”

Refrigerate well before serving.
*Save the almond mash for cookies.

** This recipe may be made without the dates and
flavoring to use the milk in soup recipes.  If a dessert
milk is wanted add honey and flavoring later.

1/2 C  sesame seeds, soaked
4 C pure water

Blend until liquefied, strain, and serve.