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HERBAL HEALER – Dr. Marijah McCain’s herbal healing website

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This is not strictly raw vegan info, but it may well be of interest to those who have come to raw foods as a way to avoid or heal health issues naturally.  I’d like to say, up front, that I am not selling anything, I am not an affiliate of Dr. Marijah McCain’s Herbal Healer website, and I think that Dr. McCain does not particularly like me (she cut me off from her very useful email list a while back, although she has since re-instated my subscription).  I just believe  that Dr. McCain offers a very useful, valuable service, and would like others to know of this opportunity. If you click on the “private membership organization” text at the top of the webpage, you can get a free hard-copy catalog of products, which also contains valuable health information and guidance (just do it–  if you get it, you will see how useful it is – you will find information that is not necessarily widely available).

15 years ago, I discovered  the work of Dr. Marijah McCain.  At first, I was looking for herbs that I could use to combat physical issues and strengthen my system, and, then, I was attracted to the correspondence courses Dr. McCain offered — through her programs, I became a certified nutritional consultant (although I’ve since studied nutrition in other programs,  her nutrition program was the most thorough correspondence course I have yet seen), and a certified Flower Essence Therapy practitioner. Dr. McCain offers a number of worthwhile health-related courses, and also sells health-related books that are not commonly found elsewhere.

From her website, Dr. McCain offers bulk herbs, foods, and other products, at reasonable prices.  Hers is one of the most comprehensive and direct sites I have seen for information about and products for combating systemic candidiasis, as well as other physical challenges, including cancer.  Her prices are competitive.

If you are interested in natural healing, herbology, flower essences, or any other area of natural healing, you would do well to pay a visit to this website, and look around (as of my visit this evening, I can say that the navigation of the site is a bit tricky — certain subjects/topics/products might not be listed in the search, but might be found when you go to pages of related products or ideas– still, the exercise is worth your while.)

What can I say? Whether or not Dr. McCain wants to give me the time of day, I still value her contribution and would like others to  know of her and her offerings.