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TO JUICE OR TO BLEND: What should you do?

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From time to time, the question of whether we should juice or blend our vegetables comes up.  Recently, I ran into this discussion on LinkedIn, and, contrary to my normal attitude of non-involvement, with a deep sigh, I posted my take on the issue.  Today, after hearing from a couple of the people involved in the discussion, I think that my answer might be useful for those of you who read my blog, so, without further ado, here you have it:

As long as I have been connected with the “modern” vegetarian/vegan/raw vegan world (I only came to know that there were other raw vegans, after 25 years of doing it on my own with Ann Wigmore’s and the Fathmans’ books) I have seen the arguments about juicing vs. blending (actually, when I was about 12, I heard this kind of thing at a state fair at a VitaMix demo) There are valid arguments on both sides, and, as I see it, everything depends on what you are after. If you are looking for a nice drink that has a lot of vitamins, juicing is the way to go. If you are looking to drink your vegetables (whether as a way to consume more vegetables in short order, a diet meal substitute, or a way to seek nutrition while dealing with a chewing or swallowing disorder) then blended vegetables/smoothies are the way to go.
Sometimes, you will just want a serious dose of juice (and you can use the pulp/fiber from the juicing in other dishes (I add the pulp to crackers/breads, salads, and soups), and sometimes you just want to drink your vegetables/fruit along with the fiber (I prefer the above-mentioned two-step method, personally, but on occasion I do smoothies)
There is no one right way, as I see it, as long as you own a juicer as well as a blender.



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I visited the Champion Juicer website the other day, and discovered that Champion has now added a greens juicer attachment.  Now, owners of Champion juicers have the option to juice wheatgrass and leafy greens!

I was very excited … until I saw the caveat: the greens juicing attachment will only fit machines of certain serial number series –unfortunately, this attachment will not work on my lovely banana yellow vintage Champion juicer.

Previously, when I have needed parts, I’ve been told by Champion customer service that all attachments and replacements will fit on all Champion juicers, regardless of how old they are.  Knowing this, I wrote to Champion to ask if the part would fit my machine even though my serial number was not on the list.  Nope, they said.  It will not fit.

I’m disappointed. I’m also surprised. Why, if all of the other parts will work, won’t this one work? 

I have always admired Champion for its continuing support of all models of its juicers.  When I first acquired my Champion, a customer service representative actually told me that the basic motor assembly remains the same, while model names and parts may change (For example, I have a wooden pusher, while the newer models have a plastic pusher, which, although less esthetically pleasing, is probably more hygienic).  Why have they suddenly changed that?  

So, no Champion greens juicing attachment for me.  I am not going to buy a new juicer at this point (I need food, I need a winter coat, I need new shoes, I need a printer…..).  To Champion’s credit, my juicer has served me faithfully and still works like a charm after more than 30 years.  I’m just not enough of a consumer to need or want to replace what works fine.

Reducing carbon footprint: 1, new Champion greens juicer: 0