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Several weeks ago, I published a list of places where you can find raw vegan Thanksgiving recipes.  Of course, I listed my own recipes first, I mean, this is my blog.  I also listed places where holiday recipes are listed free for the taking.

I’ve just learned of a new collection: Real Life Raw Holiday Foods, by Tina Jo Stevens    (this is a book for sale)  Check it out if it pleases you to do so.

Since, of course, you are after getting the perfect recipes for  your traditional holiday, as I become aware of other collections, I will publish them.

Oh, and, BTW, ONLINE CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS, which seems to be related to SUITE 101, continues to list the article in which all of my holiday recipes were published wholesale, without my permission, and with no reference to the source of the recipes.  A few of these recipes do now lead you back to my recipe page, but not all of them.  I have asked this site several times to remove this article.  They continue to refuse or even acknowledge my legitimate request.   Bloggers and other on-line publishers, please do stay aware of where your intellectual property is going.  Many will appropriate your work and pass it off as theirs because they realize that most of us bloggers cannot afford to sue them in court.  I cannot do that, but I can continue to announce it to all within hearing distance when I find someone who has stolen my work.



Because of my schedule, I always have to do the expo’s on Friday afternoon, when they are just opening.  As a result, I pay for a full day, but only get to see those folks who are really interested in selling to me (as I was leaving today, I saw lots of vendors coming in — goody for me! I left with more money in my pocket!)  I still go, because I can often see interesting things, and sometimes I can find things I want (I will always remember the time I saw an Excalibur dehydrator for the first time, ate my first dehydrated crackers!  It changed my life!  I saved my money and got an Excalibur as soon as I could!  I have Raw Soul restaurant to thank for that, and I will always be grateful to them for it.)

Today, I was pleased to see that Raw Soul had decided to come back downtown again! (I got the barbecue sandwich, and now I am determined to figure out how they do the bread: thin and easy to bite like a wheat tortilla, but called “flax bread”). If you don’t know, Raw Soul is a very nice little restaurant up on 145th St. in Manhattan (well worth the hike, regardless of where you live).  It is run by a very nice couple who adhere mostly to the Ann Wigmore-school of raw foodism (Ms. Lillian trained in an AnnWigmore establishment), and teach others how to go raw (I took a training there, and highly recommend their trainings)  Ms. Lillian is a wonderful teacher.

Another welcome vendor was Zukay: they make the absolutely best raw fermented salad dressings!  (I am on the last bottle of the carton I bought from them, so I was happy to have the opportunity to try other flavors, and learn that I can buy a mixed carton over the Internet!  How good is life?!!) I must also tell you that the makers of Zukay are very consumer-friendly. When I first found Zukay, I was also looking for sources of probiotics to use in making raw vegan cheezes, and, when I went to Zukay to ask them about pro-biotics, they were very forthcoming with information (too much so… but I ended up trying  using my Zukay onion/basil as the probiotic addition to several cheezes, until I finally found a usable source of probiotics.  I have also made sauerkraut  by adding a T of Zukay Onion/Basil dressing to the water.

I saw a lot of other vendors and talked to them but, unless I hit the Lotto, I am probably never going to buy the things they sell (still it is good to see what you can have if you want it).

One of my favorite new vendors at this expo is Book Publishing Company (seriously, that is their name, if you don’t know).  I’m not sure, but I have always suspected that they might have grown out of Steven Gaskin’s Farm community, from which we got The Farm Cookbook, which is now The New Farm Cookbook.  I still really believe this because BPC still publishes all of Steven Gaskin’s books (I first heard Steven Gaskin in San Francisco, I won’t tell you how long ago, and I read his books back then… am thinking  of going back to read them again, since they did make an impression on me back then).

Anyway, Book Publishing Company has a good spread of health-oriented and vegetarian/vegan/raw books.   (never mind that a while back, I had to point out to them that one of their “raw” books has recipes using cheese made from milk — duh! a no-no for raw foodists!)  I like BPC.  I like to see them at fairs.  I am thinking that they would be a good place to publish my next book, actually.  Today, I bought a book from them by someone named Dorkis.  The price was right ($5), and it looked like there were some new-to-me recipes in it.

What a  good experience!



Oh, yum!  I’ve been working my way through the 5 lbs of fresh cranberries – tomorrow what is left must go in the dehydrator if I want to keep them.

Tonight I made a very yummy cranberry sauce.

  • 2 C fresh cranberries
  • 1 apple
  • 3 mandarin oranges (you could use one large regular orange)
  • 4 dates, soaked and pitted

Put all ingredients in the food processor and process to your choice of texture.  I ran the processor for quite a while, but the sauce still came out chunky.

This is so yummy that I think I could make a meal of it, and I probably will.  I ended up doubling the recipe, because I have to have something for a party tomorrow, and it tasted so good that I wanted to keep some for Thanksgiving, although I may eat it all tomorrow.  This could definitely qualify as a dessert on its own!