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RAW FOOD MEET-UP ON SUNDAY – finally decided on marinated mushrooms

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I’m going to a meet-up raw food potluck on Sunday evening (if you haven’t tried, you should! It’s a great way to find other people who are interested in what you are interested in!)

Anyway,when I heard this meet-up potluck was in my neighborhood (sort of — it may end up being a half-hour walk from home), I just had to sign up. Then I had to figure out what to make. Even though my marinated kale is out of this world, I decided not to do it, because kale seems to be everyone’s fall-back. I make crackers (I think I have enough sunflower seeds, and I just got 2lbs of flax seed) and a dip, but I’m feeling broke right about now, and I could be eating those crackers, and, anyway, that does not really sound like a dinner food. So, I’ve decided to make the Korean mushrooms again.
I decided to go to Fairway, where they have a large selection of mushrooms and you can buy them by the pound (as opposed to Costco, where you have to buy a huge box). When I went to Fairway, I saw they had whole baby bellas in a box, but then I noticed that the baby bellas look just like the criminis, and I recalled an article that I’d read that said that they are the same mushrooms, so I got the criminis, because they were cheaper by the pound.
I found sesame oil in the oil section, and then, shortly afterwards, I found more sesame oil, cheaper, but I did not choose that one because, although it said it was sesame oil, it did not list the ingredients (sesame oil), so I wasn’t sure I could trust it for such an important dish as mushrooms for a meetup potluck.
I didn’t buy carrots at Fairway, so I walked a way down Broadway and got some organic carrots at Trader Joe’s (they did not have any kind of sesame oil!)

Now, I’m good to go. I want to make theses mushrooms ahead of time so they can marinate well, and, also, so, if I eat too many of them, I can go make some more fo the potluck!

Of course, me being me, I’d really like to make something that everyone would ooh and aah over.


VACATION TIME! I’m going down South to the Outer Banks of North Carolina!

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I’m going on vacation at the end of next week — yea!!!!!

I will be taking a 10-hr train trip down South, to meet up with my parents in Virginia Beach and then continue on to the Outer Banks in North Carolina (where I’ll be is just down the road from the road from where the Wright brothers made their historic first airplane flight — there’s a cool museum there.  It is also down the road from the largest sand dune in America.  Then, too, it is a few miles away from that wonderful house that starred in the Richard Gere movie, Nights in Rodanthe
which was based on the lovely book, Nights in Rodanthe,
by Nicholas Sparks.

I am planning to to pack a food bag with some fresh sauerkraut, and some of the other fermented vegetables I have in the fridge from last week’s bout (I hope I have some left when I get there, so I can show them off to my mom).  I want to make some kale chips because they are so good — again, I hope some will last so I can show them to my mom.  I’m ready – I have the red bell pepper, the cashews, the garlic, the chili powder, and, I think I have the onion powder (hope hope) — I do need to fetch some lemons.

Traveling raw requires a bit more pre-thinking than just packing.  I’m also thinking of making some crackers (haven’t done that in a really long time). Almond/corn/flax crackers are always my favorite, but I might make some sunflower seed crackers as well, from my first cracker recipe (gosh! I haven’t made up that recipe in years, but now it calls to me)    

Sounds like I’m going to be a bit busy this weekend.

Will I have space to pack clothes?

It’s all good! I’ll be on an island 25 miles out to sea. (It looks like there are no hurricanes to interrupt my idyllic vacation).  If it’s warm enough, Mom and I will spend some time on the beach.  If it isn’t, I’ll just spend some time on the beach by myself, looking for shells and stones and sea glass to make jewelry.  I’ll get up early in the morning to watch the sun rise over the ocean  from the veranda (yes, we have a veranda!) That is my favorite part of this vacation that I take every year with my parents.  At some point, Mom and I will probably go shopping at the outlet mall.  We might also work on a project for Mom’s church’s pre-Christmas bazaar (past projects have included making and decorating creche scenes and making sea glass jewelry with sea glass that my mother collected in Cuba).