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COCONUT OIL – not the villain it was once thought

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Not too long ago, coconut oil was vilified as being too high in fat, a saturated fat bad for health.  Now, though, even the AMA is back-peddling in its stance against dietary fats.  The continued rise in obesity and Type II diabetes, despite an emphasis on low-fat diets, as well as the rise in “new” illnesses, allergies, and sensitivities, seems to indicate that a low-fat diet may not, in fact, be the silver bullet.  The AMA seems to have decided that there are “good fats” and we should be getting them in our diet, in order to remain healthy (something I have never doubted).  Suddenly, across the board, people are beginning to recall that dietary fats are necessary for the creation of cell walls, keeping skin in good condition from the inside out, and controlling cravings, among other things.

What does this mean to us in the raw food world?  Well, if you’ve been worried about fat, and, perhaps, even trying to maintain a low-fat raw vegan diet, you can relax.  You can re-acquaint yourself with avocados and raw nuts and seeds, as well as oils.

Enter coconut oil.  It is a saturated fat, yes, but if you’re getting organic virgin coconut oil, all the fat is natural and is good for you.  Heck, Dr. Oz, and Oprah both agree.  Now it seems that coconut oil can even improve brain function. Make way for the latest candidate in the superfood arena.


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I just bought a huge 54 oz. jar of coconut oil at Costco for @$16.00.  It says it is extra virgin organic. No way to prove that, but, since I need gobs of  coconut oil for skin as well as food, I’m just going to trust that it is, and be happy that I got such a good deal.  The jar is plastic (boo!), so I’m planning to keep it in the refrigerator, and decant it bit by bit into a glass jar to keep handy (and room temperature) in the cabinet).  
I’m excited about the idea of including more coconut oil in my lifestyle.