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NICE RECIPES from Renewed Living

Every once in a while I do open an email I never signed up for, and some of those times, I am pleasantly surprised.  This is one of those times. No idea whatsoever how I got on Renewed Living‘s mailing list, but they do have some nice recipes on their blog.  Check them out.

PURE JEEVAN: a very useful research library

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PureJeevan might possibly be your one-stop intro to raw living foods.  If you are new to raw living food, you can find a wealth of information.  If you are already into raw living food, you will find a wealth of information that you would like to add to your own personal wealth of info (think of this place as an amazing library).

Here you will find a wealth of articles, an extensive list of links to other sites (not edited – be aware that many site links will be dead: keep a stiff upper lip and continue on to explore others listed. I promise you will find enough to keep you busy).

Regardless of where you are at, this is definitely a go-to site… I still check it out, and often find new ideas.