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Right before I left on vacation, I had the wonderful opportunity of participating in a “raw vegan pop-up restaurant” event at Raw Chef Dan’s place in Manhattan. Woo hoo!

I have taken a couple of Dan’s courses and loved them, as well as his interesting studio/classroom/kitchen — I am always fascinated by how people use space). (In case you are unaware, Dan is also the chef at Quintessence restaurant, on of the few remaining raw vegan restaurants in New York City.

I was very excited when this opportunity came up; for an amazingly minimal fee, I got a full meal with four or five delicious courses, a kombucha drink, and a delicious pumpkin pie with butter pecan ice crème to finish. The concept was that the attendees were to help eat up what his students had made during their course-work that day. (What a wonderful way for Dan to choose to give back).

I got there early so I also had the opportunity to chat with Dan, ask his opinion on some things I have heard around recently, and just enjoy some last leisurely moments before hopping a train for Virginia.

After a while, some other folks came along, filled up the two other tables, and brought along new conversational opportunities, which made for more fun. I was almost sorry I had to leave, although I was really full, and running short of time by then.

If you have not done so yet, I highly recommend that you check out the RawChefDan website, and, if you are in the city, check out his upcoming classes. Even if you are not local, you can still get his recipes and make delicious/easy-to-make dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen. Also, do sign up for his newsletter, so that you can receive news and announcements (that’s how I learned of the pop-up restaurant).


QUINTESSENCE GROUPON: raw vegan restaurant: if you are in NYC, or going to be

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Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!  I have just received a Groupon offer for for a meal at Quintessence, in the East Village, in Manhattan, in New York City.  This coupon offers a $40 dining experience for $20.  I am so there!  I haven’t been to Quintessence in a while, but I expect that $40 would provide an amazing repast (in the past, I’ve been able to escape, with scrupulous control, for under $25, so I expect that this opportunity would likely tax my powers of food combining, but in a pleasurable way). Raw Chef Dan creates fabulous recipes (he also offers yummy recipes on his website, and offers food prep training as well)

This offer is available for but 4 more days.  Scramble over there to take advantage (I looked into the fine print, and the coupon is good for a year.  Quintessence has been around longer than any other raw restaurant in the City –  we have but 2-1/2 — I say 1/2 because Caravan of Dreams does offer some raw repasts, and Quintessence is also the most price-accessible/affordable, but, hey! Sadly, raw restaurants come and go, so don’t wait the whole year!  Go enjoy 1/2 price meal at Quintessence soonest)

Nobody is paying me to tell you about this (Okay, being broke, I did check both places to see if I could get a kick-back, but nothing was available). I just got an email, and am passing it on.

Organic Food | Contests & Giveaways

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I have found a cool contest on (I cannot usually use any of their coupons because I use only raw products, but I do pass them along when I have them – Whole Foods gives them out sometimes).

Anyway, the contest offer is for reusable carry-all bags from Blue Avocado. Go to and do what they say do, and you will be entered in the contest.  (yes, blogging about the contest is one way to get entered)

Good luck.  I really do want to win.  (My room-mate, who is from Japan, collects such bags, and I have gotten the bug, plus her birthday is coming.  Our place looks like bag city, really, with bags hanging around, stuffed in niches, closets, wherever)


I went to Bonobo’s tonight to see and hear Brenda Cobb.  She’s in town for the Raw Food Expo, and making appearances in several spots before the Expo starts.  I like her book, and I was curious to see if she looked like her photo (Many people use photos that are, shall we say, older – of course, mine, which has not been Photo-shopped, looks exactly like me!)

Cobb’s talk was fascinating.  I was interested to learn that she uses DNA reprogramming and aromatherapy in her program. She also spoke of some “Raw Food Experts Summit” (that’s not the exact name she gave it), composed of some “big names” in raw food (the only one I recall is Gabriel Cousens), which meets from time to time and decides the fate of the raw world.  According to her this group has decided that 80/20 raw/cooked is the best way to go.  To tell the truth, I believe her about this “Summit”, as I from what I know, many of the “raw food experts” do include a good bit of cooked food in their own diets (although I think their waistlines show it).

I was also happy to see is that Cobb is now selling the workbook that she uses in her trainings.  It goes for a whopping $100, but, if you cannot swing the cost ($1800 – $4900), she says it is the same workshop/take-home guide that all her training attendees receive.

June 12th – New NYC Raw Food Meet-Up

I’ve just learned, from the newly-reorganized/under new management  Pure Raw Food Pathways Meet-Up Group (NYC), about a raw food restaurant of which I have been hitherto unaware (oh, goody!  I got to use “hitherto”!)  I see that it is not all raw, nor all vegan, but that it has some raw food.  It took some work to get the restaurant’s site to pony up with a menu (the pictures don’t work), but, if you click here, it should take you to the menu listings for raw food.

The meet-up is on June 12th, at
119 East 17th Street

This place is a good bit cheaper than a close-by neighbor, Pure Food & Wine — interesting!

I will go because I would like to meet raw foodies of any age and find out where they are at/what they are thinking  (and also because I learn about new places by listening to others).


The NYC YOGA & RAW FOOD EXPO is coming up next weekend –

05/29/09 – 05/31/09
Hotel New Yorker, 481 8th Avenue at 34th Street (corner 34th St. & 8th Ave.)

This is the only big raw event, and the only widely-publicized and reasonably affordable raw food event in the city (we won’t count the 2-hr. meet-ups that cost $20 or more

By my count, this is the second Raw Food Expo here, ever.  Be there. Make it seem worth the promoter’s effort, so we can have more!

Seed the Change on Your Very Own South Lawn: Do you really need the same vegetables the Obamas have planted at the White House?

Now, for the humorous post of the day:

Not to be left behind, or outdone, in the race to do as Obama does (why does this sound vaguely religious?), Seeds of Change is offering a special “Seed the Change Collection” of organic seeds:
white-house1“Follow the call for the change that is being sounded all the way from the White House. Take a stand on healthy eating, local, safe food, and environmental sustainability by growing your own food right in your lawn or garden. Our newly-released Seed the Change collection features ten, easy-to-grow varieties with some of the same types of vegetables that are in the White House organic garden. You too can ‘ Seed the Change’ ,  and plant an organic garden in your  South Lawn – for a better world, and a better America.
Includes; America Spinach, Chadwick Cherry Tomato, Vates Collards, Emerald Oak Lettuce, Silverado Chard, Pastel Dreams Zinnia, Mahogany Nasturtium, Slow Bolt Cilantro, Genovese Sweet Basil and Garden Sorrel.”

Why do I keep hearing that music that always played before a Bush clip on Dave Letterman?


Here are the events planned for the next couple of weeks:

4/14      7:30         Accent on Wellness Meetup: Raw on the Road $25

4/18     Time??   Raw Food for Beginners 1-day class                        $127

5/5       7:00         NY Raw & Superfood Meetup Group


Aw, man! Another thing to add to my wish list! Raw Soul is doing a Raw Chef training,in New York City, and I just know it is going to be fabulous! The raw food training I attended at Raw Soul was so fabulous that I KNOW I want to do their Raw Chef training.

Since I won’t be able to attend the March training, which I believe is the first (because I will be attending another training at that time, as well as paying for my CSA membership for 2009), I am going to have to hope and pray that all goes well and that the training is a big success, so that there will be more, and I will, hopefully soon, be able to plunk down the $1800 investment. I hope that the word will get around — they don’t seem to be publicizing much — about this program, which I am sure will be fabulous.

Sadly, on my visit to check on this training, I see that, apparently, Lillian Butler has discontinued her fabulous Raw Food training. This was the only raw food lifestyle training available in New York City, and it will be missed. I imagine that their failure to publicize this program may have contributed to demise of the program. Hopefully, Raw Soul will find a way to publicize their programs more actively and widely, and soon.

I would also recommend Raw Soul’s new book, Raw Soul Health Journey, by Lillian Butler and Eddie Robinson, the powers behind Raw Soul.  I  have only had one opportunity to look through the book, but it looks like just about everything that Lillian presented in her raw food trainings is detailed in this book, in addition to a healthy selection of the recipes Raw Soul serves daily.  This book would be a good addition to anyone’s library of nutrition, lifestyle, and food prep books. (This is not available on — you will have to go directly to the publisher, Raw Soul — although I do think I may have seen it at the Integral Yoga bookstore in Greenwich Village, in New York….)


Well, gee whiz! I guess I’ve hit the big time!

I saw this post at the blog

(just about the only site I would want to recommend for in-depth serious training in Ann Wigmore’s diet theory)

Since I have been heavy into Ann Wigmore since forever (what? you did not know that?), I surfed over there right away, and then clicked on the link, and guess who popped up??? It was me, myself, and I! with that lovely smile I periodically demonstrate (Julia Roberts: watch your back!!!) My blog was featured on….. coolness in person….Yes, please do go see it!
Blogs about Ann Wigmore

Okay, end of personal horn-blowing…