April 30, 2020

I’ve been “on a “food diet” as punishment!  Last week I went to Trader Joe’s and bought everything that appealed to me.  The only thing is, I was never hungry enough in the week to eat all of the food, so I put myself on restriction, meaning, I could only eat food which was already in house (okay, sauerkraut, red bell peppers, and nuts.  Okay, I added in a raw protein shake, with bananas and oranges that I had.

So, today I broke the grocery-shopping fast, sort of.  I went to Trader Joe’s to get some LaraBars, because I know I will eat *them*. Then I wanted kale (and I have some kalamata olives, so it’s not like I don’t have the ingredients to do a massaged kale salad.) then, I got some corn! I mean, real ears of corn that you have to peel the leaves off of!  I’m a little nervous, because I know I have to de-kernel the corn, and I am famous for attempting finger amputations when I do such things.  Never mind! I will survive!  I want a corn salad.  I got some red bell peppers (since I am not going to cook with them, I go with the folk info that red bell peppers destined for salads should have “three bumps” on the bottom.)

I will make a raw massaged kale dish tomorrow morning, with kale, kalamata olives, raw garlic, onion, red bell pepper slivers, and whatever else occurs to me when I open the refrigerator. I might end up throwing some Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning in there at the end, but I kind of think not, because, in the end, I will add olive oil, and vinegar, and I’ll already have added kalamata olives and garlic.

After all is said and done, I may likely add in a couple of spoonfuls of the last of my sauerkraut batch.

I am rather excited that I will finally be using up what’s left over from the last shopping trip.



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