I took a picture and it came out really well (only I’m not tech savvy enough to get it here on this post tonight!)

The sauerkraut came out beautifully! (I’d been reading other people’s sauerkraut recipes for four days, and they always say, “don’t feel bad if your sauerkraut goes moldy and you have to throw it out.”  That is what people told me from the moment I started my first sauerkraut batch.. Fortunately, my sauerkraut has always turned out.

This time, I was a little concerned, because, normally, I hear a lot of hissing from my jars of sauerkraut.  This time, I didn’t hear anything… Yesterday, I did look at both jars, and it looked like one had a bent lid (not a bad thing: it just means that the sauerkraut has expanded inside the jar). Then I notice what sort of looked like drool marks across the window sill and down the wall!  Aha! It worked, (I mean, usually I put a sauerkraut jar in a bowl, to catch whatever seeps from the jar, but I didn’t this time)  but the sauerkraut  just didn’t talk to me while it was working.

So!  I opened the jar of jalapeno sauerkraut.  I tasted it: YUMM!  Then I decided that I really needed to make a salad with it.

I added @ 1/2 C lentil sprouts

1/2 C sauerkraut

1/4 red bell pepper, diced

1/8 onion, diced

1/4 avocado, skin removed, cut into @ 8 pieces

I tossed everything, and, then, when I took the first bite, I realized I did not need to add anything for flavor.  The red bell pepper, the sprouts, the sauerkraut, and the onion all worked together.  There was no need for a salad dressing!



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