I missed the CSA distribution this week (6/25/14) because of my own stupidity.  I believed that I had signed up for automatic weekly payments (I very much recall stressing over the idea), and, so, my payment did not happen, because, in fact, I had not signed up for automatic payments  (I have now!).  I got an email on Monday night telling me that I hadn’t paid so I wouldn’t get a share on Tuesday  (I seriously recall emailing the CSA last Tuesday when the “receptionist” at the distribution questioned me about paying, and I believed I had signed up for auto-payment, so I wrote to them to ask them about it, but they did not get back to me until way too late!

Oh well. Now I know how it works, sort of. Anyway, I am signed up for auto-payments now.  More on the CSA next week.

Meanwhile, I picked up a Yorkville Food Pantry order and got 3 pears, 2 onions,  and 4 green bananas (they are in a paper bag to ripen right now)



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