GRAND OPENING: THE FERMENTED SALSA! and the meetup I took it to

I came home this afternoon to open the salsa, to make sure it was good to go, and, also, to taste it, so I could tell people how garlicky and spicy it was.   Woo hoo!  Yum!  (I’ve left the quart jar to ferment for a few more days, meanwhile).  So I wrapped up the jar, bagged it, and headed out in my purple Converse high-tops into the RAIN. Cold rain. Wet rain. Windy rain.

Still, I was determined to take my delicious salsa to the NYC Ferments monthly meetup.   (I love this group because I get to show off what I’ve made and, also, because, when I make something delicious or interesting, people want to talk to me about it, and so I get to practice talking to people – I’m shy, so that is an important thing – I can talk about what I’ve made because I know all about it.  If I eat something delicious made by another person, I can ask them about it, because my curiosity is greater than my reticence to talk to people I don’t know)  I really want to know how to make that fermented garlic chili paste! Couldn’t quite get the info out of the maker, who was the organizer.  Got it sort of, though.

So, people liked my salsa. They said so. One of the liking points was that I make my ferments without whey.  I know about that (actually, tonight, I think I accidentally got something made with whey, and that just is not pleasant, even though everything I ate tasted great!)

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