12/05/13 CSA SHARE: What they said we would get and what we got

This is our last share of the year.
Here is what they said we would get, and what we got, and what I took away:

Green Cabbage -1 hd      3 sm head of some kind of curly cabbage
Potatoes – 2 lbs.              traded for watermelon radishes
Red Beets – 2 lbs             watermelon radishes
2 lbs Red Kale –               2 bun. kale
Sweet Potatoes – 2 lbs.  1 pointy cauliflower relative
Leeks – 1 bunch              1 bag  “mash” which is green leaves
Carrots- 2 lbs.                 1 small bun carrots
Broccoli – 3 heads          traded for 1 bun. kale

I trade fast and furious. Still, I stay within the guidelines. I trade one for one. If I want to take one out of the trade box, I put one in. Sometimes, then, if someone puts something in that I want more, I will put one back and take that one.

Tonight, people left a lot of carrot tops, and I took those without trade. The carrot tops would have gone in the compost, but I can make them into green powder, so I grabbed 3 bunches of carrot tops. That doesn’t count as trade, I don’t think, but it did look like I was taking a lot.

I am kind of sad, as this might be my last share with this CSA.  If I cannot find a way to pay them the $200 that I owe for this last season (which they were kind enough to “front me”), they probably won’ t allow me to participate in the next season next year.  For some reason, for the last two years, although I am financially inhibited, I haven’t seemed to be able to qualify for for their discounted shares (must be too white or something) I am grateful that they have been willing to wait for me to pay, and I am going to do my best to pay for the rest of this past year’s share as soon as I can.

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