FORAGING IN NEW YORK CITY – still on with Wildman Steve Brill

Thinking of foraging in New York City?  You might like to check out Wildman Steve Brill’s foraging tours (yes, he still has tours scheduled through December 1 (that one will be in Central Park – day before, he has one scheduled for Prospect Park).  Yes, it’s cold, but you are hardy, and this man is fantastic!

For those of you who don’t know, who might be in the NYC vicinity, Wildman Steve Brill leads park tours for wild foraging.  Since conventional wisdom tells us we cannot harvest weeds and such from near city streets, and, so, although you’d like to pick up those acorns from the sidewalk, that’s a no-no, the only other choice for those of us city-bound apartment-dwellers, is to go into a city park to forage.  Since I am congenitally afraid of the NYC parks – no one else seems to be, but another woman was raped in Central Park yesterday — Steve Brill’s tours are a great way for me to go to the parks, when I can negotiate the time off from my job (yeah, I work weekends).  He runs very reasonably priced tours ($20 for an @4-hour tour) in all of the city parks, and, also, in some parks upstate.  That 12/1 tour will be the last one for this year.  It will probably be really really cold, but he will show us all sorts of of wild plants we can grab and take home, and he will teach quite a bit (you really need to bring a notebook), and, plus, he is very weirdly funny.  I am going to really make an effort to go to this one.  (foraging is very important for me at this time – broke as I am, I forage in the food pantry, too)



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