Raw Diet Lives: Jinjee Talifero’s take

POST #981
Many thanks to Jinjee, a long-time raw foodist, at JinjeeTalifero.com for picking up the ball where I left it in my previous post on the supposed death of the raw food diet, tentatively titled here “The Death of “If I Can’t Keep Up My Raw Diet, That Means You Can’t Either” or “My Raw Does’t Work So You Should Quit, Too”.

Jinjee has thought things out in different ways than I did when I posted my reaction to Kevin Gianni’s post, and Frederic Patenaude’s subsequent post on RenegadeHealth.com.  Her reasoning is very sound.

I’ll come back and weigh in on this issue again when I have time to organize my thoughts and write something really profound, or, at least, cogent, and not just another knee-jerk reaction.

For now, I will say that I echo the truth in Jinjee’s statement: “If we did not have egos I can’t imagine that this article would have been of the remotest interest to anyone!”

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