10/10/08 CSA SHARE: what they said, what we got, what I took home

Baby Salad Red Kale 1 bun          arugula                 four peppers
Napa Cabbage–           1 lg hd        1 sm cabbage
 Boston Lettuce– 2 hds
Arugula -OR- Spinach – 1 bag       both                                                         Long Red Peppers – 4 pcs

So, I went home with  8 long red sweet peppers, 2 small heads of cabbage, 2 heads of Boston lettuce (one green, one red), 5 red tomatoes, and some spinach.

I am not a salad fanatic,but I will go out an buy a couple of onions tomorrow and make some salads with the lettuce, a red pepper, and a tomato or two.


One response to “10/10/08 CSA SHARE: what they said, what we got, what I took home

  1. Saniel Underwood

    where do you live where u can trade your csa goods for others?

    My CSA is in New York City (Astoria, Queens, to be exact). We donate leftover/unclaimed shares to the local food pantry. The way we are set up, one share box is opened at the beginning of the distribution. We can put one thing in and take one thing out, like that. If you get there early, you can have your pick of what is in the share box. I got there kind of late yesterday, so there was just lettuce, and more lettuce. I packed up the stuff that was in my box slowly, and then one woman put her cabbage in the box, so I put lettuce in and took the cabbage. Another woman didn’t want her peppers, so I gave her my arugula for the peppers. That is how it works in my CSA. I try to be there at opening, so things I want will be in the share box for me to trade for (our CSA sends us a message telling us what will be in our box, so I can plan)

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