EEEUUUWWW! Disgusting Blender Babes corn flour video

I have looked at Blender Babes for recipes from time to time, but, starting today, I am not sure that I want to do that anymore.  I saw a post in my email about “fresh corn meal or corn flour”, and I was curious as to what that might be about, so I clicked on it – only to be taken to a video where a young woman is standing there in a bikini.  I don’t need this.

It turns out, anyway, that it was not going to be raw cornmeal or corn flour, but rather ground popcorn.

I seriously doubt that I will look at any other Blender Girls products. They might be able to make more money doing striptease or something. They surely are not going to get any more attention from me. I found the idea of this video very offensive.


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