Putting up some tomato salsa tonight

All I really did was cut up two big tomatoes, about a third of a bell pepper, and a whole lot of scallions (I didn’t have onions, but these scallions were good all the way to the top, so I chopped them up and threw them in. Added about 5 cloves of garlic to the mix, put it all in a quart jar and a pint jar and topped it off with water with probiotics mixed in. I wasn’t careful about anything.

I also made a corn salsa.  

Here I want to remind you to be careful with sharp knives. I know better, but I was trying to chop off the end of the corn cob that didn’t look so healthy, and, somehow, I had my finger in the way.  Long story short, I nearly took off the end of my finger. I did slash a good hunk – no idea what it’s going to look like (I grabbed a leftover lab glove, chopped off the biggest finger, and put it over the mess. The more squeamish of you might have called an ambulance, but I can’t afford health insurance, and, anyway, it was late, so I just tried to contain the damage.  Please be careful.

Back to the corn salsa – kernels from two ears of corn (I chopped them in threes to make it easier to slice off the kernels.  About 1/4C of bell pepper. A couple of large cloves of garlic, minced. About 1/2 C of tomato, chopped fine.  I added in some Thai curry paste, a dab of olive oil, and about 1/2 t apple cider vinegar.  In the fridge. We’ll see what it needs tomorrow morning – that’s my planned lunch for tomorrow.


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