FOOD BANK NYC: here you can get food, even raw food, even if you are dirt broke

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I had an interesting experience last week.  As I mentioned, earlier, I am in a kind of bad place. I looked on-line to find a food bank with fresh produce – most of them require you to have no money at all and live with 12 people (i.e. you have to be illegal and working here, but not reporting the money you are getting from the work you are actually doing). I know that my CSA donates fresh produce somewhere but I could not find it. 

If you live in New York City, and you honestly feel you need help with getting food, there is a very open place in Harlem where you can get food. I went there to see how it worked, and, boy!, was I surprised. (I expected they might exclude me because I am trying to work, but they didn’t) They have a subterranean “store”, where you can get food. Most of the food is canned or boxed or frozen, but there is also some fresh/raw food. Interestingly, the fresh/raw vegetables are the only things you can take in unlimited quantities (everything else – packaged, canned, frozen, dry food is available on a point basis). After you register with them, you can go there once a month to get food, on a first come-first served basis, i.e., you have to stand in line and wait your turn. (When I was shopping the food bank, a kind lady from the Bronx took me under her wing, as we were battling over decent- looking carrots and talking about juicing and fermenting – the vegetables are donated, so they are not necessarily beautiful or usable– and showed me how things worked – God bless her).

Since this program has been so kind to me, I am going to figure out a way that I can give back – maybe offer free classes on what to do with fresh vegetables, or how to ferment or how to juice or make smoothies, or even how to use the canned things to make healthy meals– I’m new there, and I haven’t finished all of my required  interviews, but I want to do this.


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