Tonight’s Fermenters’ Meetup was for fermented nut or seed cheezes.
I made a basic 48-hour-fermented jalapeno/garlic cashew cheeze recipe, coated 1 round with dried dillweed, and mixed cured kalamata olives into the other round (which stopped being a round, and had to travel in a pot.  I thin-sliced two small kohlrabis, shook some black pepper over them, and took them along, as well, so people could make impromptu ravioli, or just have a raw place to hold their cheeze.

Why am I feeling so proud? They scarfed up all of my cheeze (there, I had been thinking I would have at least half as leftovers to use this week!) Then, when we gathered to talk about what we had eaten, my cheezes were the most-often mentioned!
I have been making raw vegan cheeze for a number of years now, but this is the first time that my cheezes were up against other people’s cheezes and were being tasted by people who make raw vegan cheezes.

3 C raw cashews, soaked @8 hrs
1/4 C water
2 capsules New Chapter All Flora probiotics
½ t sea salt

  • Process cashews through a Champion juicer with the blank plate (alternatively, if you have neither a Champion juicer nor a high speed blender, you can grind dry cashews in a coffee grinder – I often use my Magic Bullet grinder blade to reduce nuts and seeds to a fine powder. If you happen to have high speed blender, place all ingredients in the high speed blender and process to a fine paste)
  • Dissolve probiotics in 1/4  C water
  • Process cashew paste, salt,water, and probiotics and process in a food processor to mix thoroughly.
  • Line a colander (placed over a bowl) with cheesecloth, and place cheeze in the colander. Fold the cheesecloth over the cheeze, and leave to ferment for 24-48 hrs (longer is tangier).
  • Place cheeze in a tightly-lidded container and refrigerate for up to 3 weeks.

After I fermented, I ground up 6 garlic cloves and one fairly large jalapeno, then placed all in my food processor to mix well.
Then I folded cheesecloth In the bottom of two containers (I could have used baking parchment, but I had none), placed a round ring form on top of the cheesecloth, and spooned the cheeze into the ring forms, in  hopes that I would get sturdy rounds of cheeze, covered the containers with airtight covers, and put them in the refrigerator for 3 days. It turned out that the rounds did not hold together very well.
I took one, placed it in a container and mixed in about 10 finely chopped oil-cured kalamata olives.  Handling the other very carefully, I sprinkled a lot of dried dillweed all over, top, sides, bottom, and patted it in, then patted the round back into shape and put it in a container.  These were the cheezes I took to the meetup.

I think  I liked the dill-coated one best, although the olive one was very good, and was the most-commented-on.  Folks also liked the kick of the garlic and jalapeno base (as did I).  I have a new staple.

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