This is what we goT in the CSA distribution:
POST #954
WHAT WE GOT                     WHAT I TOOK AWAY

Radicchio – 1 hd                      3 zucchini
Kohlrabi – 3 pcs               
Zucchini – 3-4 pcs
Green Lettuce – 1 hd               3 kohlrabi
Red Lettuce – 1 hd                   3 kohlrabi
Swiss Chard  – 1 bun
Cipolini Onions – 1 bun

Today, the trade box procedure was changed back to put one in, take one out. Yippee!
I thought long and hard about that radicchio (I could put it in the dehydrator but..)

I actually held on to one of the lettuces almost to the end, but someone put in their kohlrabi, and… well, I can make really nice ravioli with kohlrabi…)
So I came away with:
*9 medium-size kohlrabi (I can make nice ravioli with them  (might use them with my cheeze for the fermented nut cheeze meetup next Monday)
*6 zucchini (I can make pasta, ravioli, or else dehydrate them for chips.
*Onions – duh! My life is onions!
*I kept the chard even though I don’t like it. I am going to dehydrate it and put it in the green powder. Then I will be able to proudly say that I have used chard!

One response to “7/11/13 CSA SHARE: WHAT WE GOT

  1. Sharon Campbell

    I really like You but who are You? I’ve been ‘reading’ You for about a year (I think) but can’t remember where I ‘found’ You Love,


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