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I’ve just put a cashew cheeze base to ferment.

Here’s the base recipe:
3 C cashews,soaked for 6 hours
1/4 C water
3 capsules New Chapter All Flora probiotics
1/2 t sea salt

I processed the cashews through my Champion juicer with the blank plate. (this gives a very smooth pate, but… the reason you might want to use a high speed blender, or even a food processor, which is what I have always used before, is that is a bear to clean out all of the parts of the Champion)

Then I emptied the probiotics capsules into the water, added the sea salt, and mixed it well.

Then I put the sea salt/probiotics/water mix into the bowl with the cashew nut paste, and mixed it up well, using the spatula which came with my Cuisinart and is very strong.

I lined my colander with two layers of cheesecloth, put the cashew mix in, and folded the cheesecloth over it. I put the colander over a bowl in the corner of what was the stove top, which is now where I place ferments – it’s the darkest part of my kitchen, and, possibly, the coolest, but definitely not cold (I’d guess that, right about now, the temperature there is @80 degrees)

I plan to ferment this cheeze for 48 hours before I season it, form it, and refrigerate it.

Yesterday, at Broadway Panhandler, I picked up some steel rings, which said they were for cutting pastry, but which will do nicely for forming the cheeze (and were about $10 less than a spring form). I’ll use them to form the cheeze into nice rounds, which I will refrigerate, after I’ve seasoned the cheeze – I’m thinking of making one jalapeno mushroom cheeze, and one garlic dill cheeze, but anything can happen between now and then.


One response to “THE CHEEZE IS ON!

  1. So great to meet you tonight, and thank you for the delicious cheeze!
    ~Robin aka Penny Parsnip

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