I know I said I wasn’t going to post “what they say”, but… I’m in a lean period, and not getting a distribution last week really made me peer into my empty pantry (I have been very lucky this past week – people have brought me food they’ve prepared at home, for me to try, and others have invited me out to eat. I also had a Groupon to Quintessence, which was “eat-in” only, so I was able to invite someone along who would pay the tax and tip, and still get a great deal – we had a wonderful lunch today!) I also had the $20 Groupon for $40 worth of organic food at Westerly, so I went back there and got more lentils,for sprouts, and cashews,for cheeze, and some carrots, and other odds and ends.)

As a result, I’m all kinds of excited about the prospects of this week’s distribution.


Radicchio – 1 hd
Kohlrabi – 3 pcs
Zucchini – 3-4 pcs
Green Romaine Lettuce – 1 hd
Red Romaine Lettuce – 1 hd
Swiss Chard  – 1 bun
Cipolini Onions – 1 bun

Oh, gosh! If we actually get these things, I will be so happy! I will probably dehydrate most of the lettuce,  but I will certainly eat some of it, because it is food.

I expect I will make ravioli with some of the kohlrabi, make a kind of slaw with some of it, and, then, if there is much left over, I’ll ferment it (as in, how much kohlrabi will I actually get – what size will the kohlrabi be?)

Zucchini?  Gee! Ravioli? (this is a cheeze-making week – I have the nut/seed cheeze meet-up on Monday, so I’ll start a cashew cheeze, and, possibly, an old-fashioned sesame seed cheeze tomorrow),  Pasta? I have soaked almonds in the refrigerator – I could get some tomatoes (pay day) and make a “meaty” tomato sauce with spiralized zucchini. Or, I could make some fermented zucchini, couldn’t I?

Onions? Onions! Yumm!

A friend of mine, who now lives far, far away, in a foreign land, mentioned, today, that she has just discovered that she ‘s been spoiled. Isn’t that fun? Sometimes, you get a chance to look at your life and realize all you have been given because a lot of it has just been taken away.

I have been gifted with a magical life. Recently, the magic has gone flat.  Okay, so I have to figure out how I had the magic, and how to get it back.  


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