KARMA: do you share what you know about your CSA?

POST #950
Do you ever share what you know about your CSA experience with others who are just starting out?  I do.  I call it “karma”, if you want to know. 

I joined my CSA when it first started up.  Back in those days, the only community was the people who had started the CSA.  I asked if I could post recipes to the  CSA website, but the answer was NO.

I started my blog and posted recipes for everything I got in my box just about every week.

 A year later, I asked again, and was told that the CSA was going to make a cookbook and they would ask people to contribute. That didn’t happen.

Last year, there was a call for recipes for a projected recipe book. I sent 4 recipes and also offered to format said book.  Nothing ever happened. 

This year, I am going to write my own book of recipes.  I promise you that. I’ve just taken a look at my collection of raw vegan recipes, and it is too large to keep quietly on my hard drive. It is time. 

Meanwhile, when I meet someone who has just started with a CSA, I like to tell them where they can get recipes for the “surprise” vegetables they receive in their box.  I give them my blog address, and I also give them the Golden Earthworm Address, so they can get information on the vegetables they are looking at.

I call this karma. I did not have this help when I started out with my CSA. I was on my own. Although that kind of situation just makes me feisty, it can be very challenging to many people. (My mom and dad always wanted me to be a missionary, and, maybe this is one way it is coming out)


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