06/13/13 CSA SHARE: What we got and what I’m going to do about it

Oh, good! I had promised myself that I would keep everything that came in my box, and, because I didn’t get to the distribution until 4:45, there was nothing in the trade box to trade for — everyone had dumped their lettuce in there!  No wonder! The box was filled with lettuce, and lettuce, and lettuce!  I mean it! There were three kinds of lettuce, and then some spinach, and some chard!  Oh, and we got a bonus box of strawberries (yippee!)

As you may know, I am not your big fan of lettuce, nor of salad. Nevertheless, it does look like this is going to be my week for consuming lettuce. Oh, yum!

Swiss chard – 1 bun
Spinach – 1 bun
Red Romaine Lettuce – 1 hd

Green Boston Lettuce – 1 hd
Red Boston Lettuce – 1 hd
Strawberries – 1 qt

So, okay, there are going to be salads. A girl’s got to eat, right?

TONIGHT’S SALAD (have to start somewhere, yes?)

Tonight, I took about 8 leaves of the nice soft red boston lettuce, cut it up chiffonade -style (rolled up the leaves one by one to a cigar shape, chopped them cross-wise, then went back and chopped them up some more (I’m telling you – the thing I like least, right after having a leaf on your tooth, is chewing).  I threw that in a medium-size bowl.  Then I finely chopped  1/4 onion and threw that in the bowl, too. I finely chopped the 1/4 tomato I had in the refrigerator, and added that, as well.  Then I chopped 2 garlic cloves (when I got tired of “finely chopping”, I put it in the Magic Bullet and ground it to oblivion), and added half of that to the bowl.  To the garlic sticking to the Magic Bullet, I added 1 cap-ful of apple cider vinegar, 2 caps-ful of olive oil (you do know that all of this is raw, organic and/or extra virgin), sprinkled in some Spike, a little mustard powder, some black pepper, and some onion powder, and whizzed it all in the Magic Bullet. That was the dressing I put on the salad (it sounds complicated, but it only took me about 5 minutes to do it all)

What I do know I am going to do is ferment the swiss chard stems.  I recall seeing a recipe that I liked for fermenting swiss chard stems, but, for the life of me, I cannot find that recipe now that I want it, so I will fly by the seat of my pants, or, shall we say, more elegantly, I will probably just put my usual garlic and jalapeno  in there with the brine and then wait patiently for 3 or 4 days to see what I have done.

Since, today, I got 2 Groupons to Westerly Market (such a deal! $40 of products per $20 coupon! — if you are reading this in Manhattan within 6 days of 6/13/13, you can get in on the deal!) , I’ll go up there after I stop by a place that can print my coupons from my flash drive (no printer here), and get some things  to make up an almond or cashew pate, and I’ll make wraps with that and the lettuce.  I’ll also pick up some vegetables to fill out the week – I’m seeing wakame/lettuce/tomato/onion/garlic mix, maybe some cheeze, some crackers  (who knows?)  These Groupons are the biggest thing in my life right now (I’m basically broke), so I want to be careful, but I do want to get the big ticket items (like, if they have the probiotics I use for fermenting)

So, I have plans to eat all of these leaves. I could think smoothies, but, first, I need to have the other stuff for smoothies, so, hey! there you are!

Although we are having weather here… uh, like, we are having a wannabe “derecho” – for us, fortunately, that means lots of weather warnings and scary thoughts, and then just lots of rain, mostly slowly, but, now and again, downpours — I am scheduled again for a park foraging tour.  I’ll be going to Prospect Park in Brooklyn (even more foreign to me than Central Park in Manhattan — I’ll have to map out how to get there and carry a nice book because I’ll have to go early just so if I get lost I can find myself before the tour is over)  Once again, I am excited about the idea of this foraging tour (I tried about a month ago – gave up my “personal day” from work, and then it rained all day, so no-go!) The weather report sounds good. Pray for me.

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