POST #937
Well, I certainly was surprised by this meet-up – about 15 fermenters were gathered in an interesting underground space back behind a bar a funky little bar. I got there about 15 minutes late, and they were already immersed in serious discussion of ways of fermenting, types of water, useful additives… gosh! I ferment so simply! I just kept my head down and listened attentively, until it was my turn to say what I had brought and how I had made it. All of the ferments that people had brought were delicious (sauerkraut was by far the most common contribution – I think that there were five others besides my two- I’m making a personal note to not bring sauerkraut again): there was a beet kvass, root beer, kombucha, lots of sauerkraut of different kinds, some Korean black fermented garlic (the woman who had brought it told us the fermenting process turned it black), some kind of fermented sticky grain dish, fermented carrots and garlic, and more fermented garlic (well, it was about garlicky ferments)

Chatting with the people there, or just hanging out on the edge of conversations, was most interesting. I found myself getting jealous of how they were talking about the “people I know”, i.e. authors of books on fermentation, on a first name basis. I mean, they were talking about Sally (Fallon), and Sandor (Katz), like they were best friends. They are my best friends! So, I mentioned Wardeh (Harmon) and Nancy Lee (Bentley), and Melanie (PickleMeToo) 

Somehow, when people were asking me about how long I’ve been fermenting, I ended up mentioning that I had started out fermenting rejuvelac, then graduated to nut and seed cheezes before finally starting to ferment vegetables a while back. People were very interested in the cheeze ferments, so, of course, I couldn’t remember any specifics at all (color me stupid. I mean, I’ve only been working on the book that has had every evil accident and never gets finished for a couple of years…) Anyway, I had my 15 minutes of fame, and, then, when they were discussing what the next meet-up should be about, fermented nut and seed cheezes were proposed and decided upon. Now I am really on the spot. Must make a delicious designer cheeze. I am looking forwarded to it.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you what the title means!  I got really lucky at the end of the meet-up, because someone was offering a kombucha baby and I raised my hand first, and then someone else was offering water kefir, and my hand was one of three that went up, so I got a pot of that, too. Could this be a sign that my luck is turning?  No matter, new ferments are on the way.


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