WINDOW FARMS: who knew a garden could happen in a city apartment? I’m hooked!

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I am psyched!  I have just come from a quite amazing Window Farm demonstration at the Queens Library (who knew libraries could be so cool?)  
Anyway, the cute librarian guy (yes, cute librarian guy) showed us how to, if we are handy, build a hydroponics window garden for (probably) under $50, with re-purposed/upcycled water bottles, plastic tubing (good, now I know where to get plastic tubing for making bracelets!), and a few pet store aquarium supplies. Free instructions here.

window farm supreme(Of course, I would rather buy the Window Farms ready made and slick-looking Windowfarms Window Farm, but $200 for a set-up for 4 plants is a bit too rich for my blood right now.)

So, if I only would put out the minimal cash and foraging for supplies effort, I could have a vertical hydroponics garden in my kitchen window in a few hours or so (actually, the cute librarian guy put it together in under 2 hours, but I suspect he has been practicing).

Imagine, city-dwellers! You could have a whole window worth of organic vegetables at any time of the year! For cheap!

columbus circle windowfarmWant to see serious Windowfarms in action?  The LED grow light powered hydroponic research garden is on view for 10 months at the Columbus and 79th street entrance November 2012- August 2013.

One response to “WINDOW FARMS: who knew a garden could happen in a city apartment? I’m hooked!

  1. Thanks for the write up and the kind words!

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