SQUARE WATERMELONS and other options

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Japanese farmers grow square watermelons, partly because they take up less
refrigerator space.
Square watermelons are actual watermelons that are grown into square
shapes. They are not genetically modified at all. Instead, the watermelons
are placed into glass cube containers so that the watermelons take the form
of the containers. Japanese farmers began to grow and sell square
watermelons in 1981, at a price equivalent to about $83 US Dollars (USD)
each. The purpose of the square watermelons was to make them easier to
stack and ship, as well as to preserve refrigerator space. The high price
of square watermelons is a main reason why they are not widely purchased,
and farmers typically use other options for saving space.

American farmers often grow small watermelons that will fit on standard
refrigerator shelves for convenience purposes.


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