5/30/13 CSA SHARE: What we got!

POST #931
mustard greensHey! I’m back in weekly business! The first CSA distribution was this afternoon!  I may have been the second person to get there – the swap box was untouched!


Lettuce Mix – 1 bag
Spinach – 1 bag
Mustard Mix – 1 bunch
Radishes – 1 bunch
Collards – 1 bunch
Chive Blossoms – 1 bunch
Oregano – 1 bunch
Toscano Kale – 1 bunch

Despite my promise to eat everything that came in the box, I did trade the Lettuce Mix for another bunch of kale.  Otherwise, I brought home exactly what was in the box.

How convenient that we got all these greens, since, this week, my Healthy Homesteader training course calls for me to make a “super green powder” from greens — I reckon I could just dehydrate everything in the box and finish my homework, but I probably won’t, because I am hungry.  

Who knew that chive blossoms are little purple flowers that smell like onions?  I think I will throw them in the green powder anyway — I don’t think I’m really ready for flowers in my food.  

The mustard mix is a nice big enticing-looking bunch of different kinds of leaves.  I guess I’ll eat a few of them to see what they taste like, and then put the bulk of them in the green powder.

In preparation for this delivery, I’ve been growing a jar of lentil sprouts and another one of sunflower seed sprouts.  

At the same time, I expect I will use the kale or the collards together with some sea vegetables to make a dish for a potluck I’m going to on Saturday.


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