POST #930
Oh wow!  I was surprised out of the blue with a serious tear-the-house-up sweet craving a short while ago!  I can’t remember the last time I have felt that way, so, while I was tearing the house up, I was, at the same time, paying attention to what was going on.  Since my immediate drive was for a sesame seed/honey halvah, I think it was probably actually a protein craving.  I didn’t have any sesame seeds, so I ground up some almonds and mixed in the last of that natural raw honey my mother’s bee-keeping friend had given me.  I made little balls and ate a few and calmed down. The rest I put in the freezer so they will be more like candy the next time I come around.

As you go on, when you get a craving, you can often peel it down and figure out what is going on.  I’ve been at this for a while, so I felt like I wanted halvah, which I can make raw, but, if I’d been on the street, and not known any better,  I might have tried to get a Butterfinger (oh, now I want to figure out how to make a raw Butterfinger. — does anyone have a recipe for such a delicacy?)

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