POST #926
Now, this is kind of fun! I have a meetup on June 5th (I like meet-ups – I meet new people, go to interesting places in what is perhaps the most interesting city in the world – what’s not to like?)  This one is with a “fermented foods” group.  Up until now, I haven’t been able to hook up with them – once, I got to the place, but did not understand that they were in a hidden room behind the bar, and the other time, because work ($$$) called.  I’ve cleared the schedule for this one because it is about one of my favoritest food ingredients – GARLIC!  I’m thinking a garlic/dill sauerkraut, so I’ve been looking on-line for recipes. Guess what!  I came up with my own blog post recipe, among a couple of others. Okay, so that’s what I’ll do.

Curiously, I am participating in two courses right now (Russell James’ Home Chef Study  , as well as Tera Warner’s Health Homesteading  , in which both are coming up on a Fermented Foods module – so I took a quick sneak peek, and, guess what! Sauerkraut!  Okay, so it has been confirmed.

My kitchen is finally taking on an aspect which is easier to deal with, so I am looking forward to starting this ferment in  a few days (I generally prefer a 3-day ferment, so I might start up on this coming Wednesday, and see how I like it, and, if I don’t, start another which will be ready for the event on June 5th.


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