WORLD’S FATTEST COUNTRIES – just in case you care

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I’m not really into this kind of thing – I mean, in New York City, any time there isn’t enough exciting news like bombs or Lindsay Lohan or other countries killing Americans in some way, or Americans killing lots of other Americans, our newpapers tend to revert to stories about obesity, usually without clarifying which areas of our society are most affected (i.e., poor Southerners, rural Mid-Westerners, rural anybody, *certain minorities* – I daren’t say which, but we know which ,  certain “immigrant minorities” – ibid, etc. and so forth), but… here is a chart which shows which countries have the greatest occurrence of obesity, and … guess what!?  America is not first! Ha! (doesn’t mean we should all quit out diets – just means that some cultures think fat is beautiful, and others just don’t care any more than some of us do)


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