CABBAGE CHIPS? Well, sure! Why not? (Except I hadn’t thought of it)

I went to the food event at Lifethyme this evening.  Since I was already in Manhattan, and I had to see if I could get my antique Blackberry (I think she’s about 10 years old) fixed (at a strange building on 42nd St. that was like a maze of tiny, dingy one-room  offices), I decided to stay in town until the event started at 6:30. After I walked across 42nd St (wow! that place sure has changed since  when I moved here! No more XXX movie theaters, just lots of glitzy all-American restaurants, a couple of movie theaters, Madame Tussaud’s, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, a Hello Kitty! store, and a couple of theaters for Broadway shows!), I caught a train down to the Village (Since I hadn’t been down to the Village in quite a while, I got off at the other end of the train from where you get off to go to Lifethyme, and took a walk up Sixth Avenue. Wow! The changes! ( I don’t get it – Greenwich Village is a very upscale neighborhood – heck! George Washington once lived there, and now movie stars live there! So, how come Sixth Ave., one of the main drags, is full of tattoo parlors?  Barnes and Noble has left. Even W. 8th St was unrecognizable — it used to be THE street to go to if you just HAD to find a certain shoe – I only saw 2 shoe stores there today! There was a Goodwill – I went in there, and, in comparison with my local Salvation Army, it was really upscale! I got a cute designer collapsible cane WITH a carrying case! for $8.00!)

So, anyway, I finally arrived at Lifethyme early, so I decided to tour the store (now they are selling young coconuts, although, 4 or 5 years ago, they refused to, since young coconuts cannot be guaranteed organic).  They don’t sell “prepared raw food” anymore — they just have a “salad bar” – oh so boring!  What did make this whole event worthwhile was the dehydrated cabbage leaf “chips” I saw in the food case.  They looked like whole cabbage leaves, and the ingredients were just cabbage and salt!

FAST FORWARD, when I came home, instead of doing what I need to be doing, I got on-line and saw that other people are using cabbage for chips, pretty much like you would use kale. Most recommend Savoy cabbage, but the cabbage chips I saw at Lifethyme were just plain old green cabbage.

I’m going to play around with this idea – it’s cheap any time of year!– and I will post my findings.  (Meanwhile, google raw cabbage chips or dehydrated cabbage chips if you are in a hurry for ideas)


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  1. Sharon Campbell

    Thanks. I love your emails


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