POTLUCK ON SATURDAY NIGHT – What to make and take?

POST #908
Okay, it’s time to obsess over what to take to the raw potluck meet-up again!  (Every time I get invited to a potluck, I start obsessing over what to take).

Originally, the meet-up was going to be an intimate affair of about 12 people in a wonderful tiny boat-like UWS apartment, and I had planned to make the kale/cashew cheese on tomato slices (always popular).

Now, the venue has moved to a SoHo loft, with 20 or so people attending, so that recipe is not such a good idea – I want to make something that more people can enjoy. (I’m not griping too much, because I get to see what a SoHo loft looks like in person)

Will it be a “noodle” dish (not! These so often fail heroically – I’ve never tried making one for a potluck, but the ones I’ve seen in potlucks have all too often sat there lonely all night)

Kale Chips?  (too messy in the end – they crumb all over the place and I don’t want to cause clean-up problems for the hostess)

Crackers?  Then I would also have to make a dip, pate, or cheese.  (Too much space required, too much work for the eaters, besides that I would probably eat half of it before I ever got there).


I want something elegant and tasty,  that I can (relatively) easily, quickly, and economically make on a large scale.

I’m thinking a sea vegetable/marinated kale/cabbage/lentil sprout salad with a sesame oil/apple cider vinegar dressing, possibly seasoned with garlic, onion, cilantro, and cayenne.  I could make that kind of big so more people could enjoy it (I’m sure they would).  The advantage of this dish is that I know I would like to eat it, and would be willing to chew it (lazy chewer strikes again!)

Yep! I think that’s what I will do! As soon as I finish this post, I will go to the kitchen and start soaking some lentils, so that they will be reasonably sprouted by Friday night so I can assemble the dish.  Thanks for helping me decide!

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