PASSOVER STARTS 3/25 – raw vegan recipes for Passover

POST #902
At the dinner last night, I met two lovely people who were talking about things Jewish. Pushy as I am, and knowing that Passover is coming up, I casually mentioned that, on my blog, I have a recipe for raw vegan matzoh. Instantly, I had their attention.

Yes, I have Passover recipes on my blog. Why? Well, gee, because they are raw recipes and that sort of thing always interests me, and because, years back, some folks at my CSA asked me if I had Passover recipes, and, also, because my church celebrates Passover (sure do wish they had a Passover potluck, because I would have so much fun with that!)

Recipes include:
Beet Salad
Butternut Squash Cookies
Cream of Celery Soup
Double-Stuffed Tomatoes
Israeli Salad
Ashkenazi Style Tsimmes
Kibbutz Style Charoset
Raw Gefiltefish
Millet Matzoh

More Passover recipes – unlike my Passover recipes, these will probably cost you.


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