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I have just gotten back from Raw Chef Dan’s Omakaze pop-up restaurant event at his place in the East Village a couple of doors down from Quintessence.  I love it when Dan does these events – you don’t k now what food you’re going to get, but you know it will be good.

What we ate tonight:  Let’s see if I can remember at least most of it.  There was a lovely salad of cucumber, mushrooms (maitake, I believe), and tomatoes, with a delicious dressing .  After that came too charming stuffed mushrooms, then a scrumptious tomato soup (how does he do that?), and then a really good nutloaf, with another really good sauce as well as a mayonnaise so good that I begged him to let me take some home (and, bless his heart, he did).  Dessert was a sensuous cream-concoction topped off with a chia-seed liquidy preparation, all to be stirred together and spooned out of the parfait glass – I’ve seen recipes for chia seed desserts, but they’ve never quite exactly called my name – this one knew my middle name, my maiden name, and my super-secret nickname!  (that’s my dessert for the season – I am not ever big on sweets and desserts, and doubt I will ever make one more complicated than frozen bananas through the Champion once or twice a year )  Oh, and then there was a tea-based ice cream that he made in the VitaMix right in front of us, and which came out with a texture just like ice cream (how did he do that?)  We finished the meal off with a cup of tea (everyone had a different one, and no one really knew which one they had, but the tea was a lovely finish to an amazing repast.

Ask me about how I waived my food combining principles tomorrow! Right now, I am still reveling in the experience of being with Dan and his harem (okay – all of the people who came tonight were women).  Everyone was very interesting to talk to, and we all shared our experiences, what we know, and what we want to know, in a very mellow atmosphere (to tell you the truth, it almost felt like Dan had Reiki’d the place).

If you are in New York City (or, for that matter, any other place in the world), and you want to get in on Raw Chef Dan‘s events, go to his website and sign up for his newsletter.  While you are there, see if you can’t sign up as a member (I found that tricky, but finally managed), and then check out his videos. There are also recipes for sale (generally $1.00 – even I can afford them — look at the name, or the  picture, if there is one, decide if that sounds good to you, and click to buy; there are no descriptions, but everything I have ever tried was good) The site is in a state of flux, so you may find inoperable links, but the videos are useful, and Chef Dan does send out emails from time to time, to let you know what is going on.

No, I am not an affiliate of Raw Chef Dan. I just like his work, I want him to keep on doing what he does, and I believe that word of mouth is one of the best advertisements a company can get


One response to “TONIGHT’S RAW CHEF DAN OMAKAZE POP-UP RESTAURANT EVENT – I love love love Raw Chef Dan!

  1. Thank you Margret for the rave and love!
    Well Omakase pop up is a separate list which you can find in the upper right just under the “Like” button at
    Most of my videos are on
    And I can be seen most at
    My website s you said is kinda falling by the wayside as facebook at pretty much replaced my website.
    Please sign up at Omakase and I’ll let you know when is the next POP-UP

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