POTLUCK: My Dishes Were Hits! (I felt like a star! thank you thank you)

POST #886
So, I went to the potluck last night. As I last reported, I had planned to take mushrooms there.

After I made the mushrooms, I began worrying that there might be some finicky folks there who didn’t want to eat mushrooms, so I put them in the refrigerator, and made up a simple seaweed salad, using a Japanese seaweed mix, carrot shavings, chopped onions, sesame oil, a dash or two of Tabasco, and some apple cider vinegar. That made, I put it in the refrigerator to marinate some. At that point, I became overcome with the idea that nothing but nothing would do but to take the cashew/kale cheese, so I set a cup of cashews to soak and dashed off to the market to pick up a bunch of kale. Yesterday morning, I got up at 5am, and, even before my morning ablutions, I made up the cashew/kale cheese. Then, I decided to take everything to the potluck.

Good thing I did take everything, because it was all a hit. There I was feeling proud as a peacock (as close to a star as I have ever felt)  as people came up to me and asked about how I had made things. (It could have just been that mine was the only real *food* there – most people just brought fruit and dropped it on the table. True, one  young man brought an interesting apple sauce, a Russian guy did make a fabulous apple tart, and his Russian girlfriend made a grim “zucchini pasta dish” that tasted like “earnest health food made by beginner vegetarians”: Please note: Even 30 years ago, before all these designer raw food dishes you find in raw restaurants and recipe books, my dishes were flavorful. Oh! And the woman who’d said that she would bring a kale salad, which was the reason I had not made my famously fabulous marinated kale, picked up a box of chopped kale salad at Whole Foods)

I came away worrying a lot about the raw future of these people, if they don’t even know how to make nice delicious *food* food that will appeal to even non-raw people. (Raw food does not have to taste like you are on a special diet, and it doesn’t even have to taste like a salad!)


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