RAW FOOD MEET-UP ON SUNDAY – finally decided on marinated mushrooms

POST #885
I’m going to a meet-up raw food potluck on Sunday evening (if you haven’t tried meetup.com, you should! It’s a great way to find other people who are interested in what you are interested in!)

Anyway,when I heard this meet-up potluck was in my neighborhood (sort of — it may end up being a half-hour walk from home), I just had to sign up. Then I had to figure out what to make. Even though my marinated kale is out of this world, I decided not to do it, because kale seems to be everyone’s fall-back. I make crackers (I think I have enough sunflower seeds, and I just got 2lbs of flax seed) and a dip, but I’m feeling broke right about now, and I could be eating those crackers, and, anyway, that does not really sound like a dinner food. So, I’ve decided to make the Korean mushrooms again.
I decided to go to Fairway, where they have a large selection of mushrooms and you can buy them by the pound (as opposed to Costco, where you have to buy a huge box). When I went to Fairway, I saw they had whole baby bellas in a box, but then I noticed that the baby bellas look just like the criminis, and I recalled an article that I’d read that said that they are the same mushrooms, so I got the criminis, because they were cheaper by the pound.
I found sesame oil in the oil section, and then, shortly afterwards, I found more sesame oil, cheaper, but I did not choose that one because, although it said it was sesame oil, it did not list the ingredients (sesame oil), so I wasn’t sure I could trust it for such an important dish as mushrooms for a meetup potluck.
I didn’t buy carrots at Fairway, so I walked a way down Broadway and got some organic carrots at Trader Joe’s (they did not have any kind of sesame oil!)

Now, I’m good to go. I want to make theses mushrooms ahead of time so they can marinate well, and, also, so, if I eat too many of them, I can go make some more fo the potluck!

Of course, me being me, I’d really like to make something that everyone would ooh and aah over.


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