REMINDER: you can find equipment in thrift stores

POST #878
People often ask me how I could afford my  GreenStar GS-5000 on my salary (okay, they ask me about how I bought my Excalibur, and I will have to tell you that I saved $25 each month until I had the money to buy it),  and I always tell them the truth — I saw it in the Salvation Army by my house one day, and I bought it for $20.

I haven’t scored anything that fantastic since, but I do have a wardrobe from the same place Michele Obama famously claimed, during her husband’s first election campaign, that she bought her clothes. (I also have some Prada, and some other designers). 

Check out your local thrift stores.  When you buy from Salvation Army,  Goodwill, or Amvets (or, in the UK, Oxfam), you not only save money, you help out a charity.  Salvation Army operates soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and, also, helps people in recovery or returning to society after incarceration.  Goodwill helps physically and mentally challenged individuals.  AMVETS helps American Veterans (hence the name).


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